Mr. Making Memories In The Chaos.


I don’t often talk about my hubster on here, except for the odd kind of throw away comment here and there. He features in a few wee photos along the way, but I’m not too sure I’ve ever really wrote about ‘us’ and how we came to be together nor have I ever written about how truly wonderful he is.


But you know He is wonderful. He’s perfect …. perfect to and for me. Would he be perfect to you? No, probably not, but when you love someone that’s what they are isn’t it? Perfect. You love everything about them, even the things that drive you a little bit crazy.


Our ‘Love story’ is a crazy one. You see, we dated for 3 weeks and were engaged for 14 weeks before getting married.  When I announced my engagement, although they didn’t say it, I knew some people were thinking, “Engaged?? I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend!”  Normally too I’m a very organised and planned sort of girl, I’m not very spontaneous. And I think to a lot of people this engagement seemed a little wreckless. But it is true, ‘when you know, you know’. And I knew.  I was never so sure of anything before.


Plans for the wedding itself were crazy too, from our dream location being available on the date that we wanted to someone else having ordered the wedding dress that I wanted, in my size, but didn’t need for another year, meaning that I could have it! Everything just kept falling into place with great simplicity. We knew someone was smiling down on us.

And to this day, our lives are crazy. A little out of the norm. Not what people expect. But I love it.  And I love my partner in crime in it all.  He is my Mr.Perfect. My best friend.  My true companion for life.  So, when you read about my ‘hubster’ in passing, please understand, that while I adore and dote on my kiddies and probably talk about them far too much, HE is my number 1. The reason my smile on most days is from ear to ear.

Our Wedding Nic's pictures 054

 Maybe I’ll share in a bit more detail our Love Story, if anyone would be interested in reading?! (Leave a comment if you would sure!)


Someone turns FIVE!!

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Happy Birthday Little J Bird! A whole big 5 today! I find it so hard to believe that I have a 5 year old son. The 5 year old thing is hard enough to accept, the son part; even harder!  Coming from a family of all girls, I never really expected to have boys. Daft, I know, but I really didn’t. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise it was when the midwife told us, “it’s a boy!”,  5 years ago today!






The last 3 days have been all about our wee J bird. We had the dreaded whole class party on Saturday at a local leisure and it was everything we thought it would be…and more ;) !!!!  He had an absolute ball and our living room now resembles the boys section of Toys R us. Sunday we had a little family party and then today we took him to his favourite restaurant for dinner, finished off with the necessary ice cream and his favourite chocolate cake.


1st birthday!

Summer 2011 037

Becoming a big brother

It's a girl!! 010

How do I feel about him turning 5?? Mmmmm I don’t know. I’m kind of excited I think.  I found 4, so much more emotional. (I’m already dreading wee S Bear turning 4 in June!) When he turned 4 my heart was really hurting.  It was a big milestone for me.  The end of the cutesie little toddler stage, no longer my wee baby boy. I really felt it was a significant turning point. The start of his boyhood.  And the past year has really seen his grow up that’s for sure.





Jonah p1

BUT it has been a great year.  He is becoming a fabulous little man. I love his sense of humour, his love of jokes and his wee one liners.  I love his company if we ever go out just me and him, or when we’re left on our own if S and L go down for a nap. He really is great chat! I love our drives to BB each Wednesday night, when he gets to sit in the front seat and we catch up on what’s the latest with Leonardo and Donatello and which Hot Wheels seems to be fastest at the moment on the race track.  I love how when he is going into somewhere that he’s a little unsure of, he’ll grab my hand and hold it real tight until he gets inside and realises that he’ll be ok.  I love listening to him read and spell and count.  (Have to admit I’m getting a little fed up with every.single.word being sounded out though…..”Mum,  S.T.O.P. stop, is that right Mum?” “K. ITCH .IN, does that spell kitchen Mum?” “C.O.K.E  cockey?? What’s cockey??” Ahhhhh phonics you crack me up!)

I love watching him toddle off to school in the mornings with such confidence and happiness, (it still totally kills me watching him disappear behind the gate though!!!) I love his wee kisses and cuddles first thing ever morning. I love that at the dinner table he can’t seem to stay out of my personal space, (it drives me mad in equal measure too though!) I love the young boy that he is becoming.

Happy 5th Birthday to our Lego, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Turtles, Avengers loving little J Bird.




My little Valentine.

Last Monday J came home from school and we had a read through his homework for the week.  With them finishing on Wednesday for half term the list was shorter and Show and Tell was going to be on Wednesday instead of the usual Friday. This week the theme was, “Something that I love”. I said to J, “oh what are you going to take in for that?” He thought for a moment and said, “You Mummy, I need to take in you.”

Honestly I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he was completely serious.  I said, “Oh J that’s a lovely idea, but I don’t think you can take in me, what about something else?” But, no, he was adamant that he needed to take me in for Show and Tell. I decided to leave it and ask him again the next night what he was going to take, thinking that maybe when he had had a little chat with his friends about what they were going to take in, he might change his mind.

Tuesday night came and as we were getting ready for the next day, I said, “Right Jonah, what are you taking for Show and Tell?” and, yip, he was still for taking in me. We decided that the best way for that to happen would be for him to take in a photograph of me. So, he picked the one of me on our wedding day.

Now, I have to confess that I was a little nervous and worried for him.  I knew it was the sweetest, most loveliest thing ever, but there was a part of me was terrified that the other kids would make fun of him or something. But off he went on Wednesday, proud as punch.

When he came home from school that day, he got up onto my knee as he wanted a “warm, snuggly, cuddle” and I honestly thought that my heart might burst. I asked him how Show and Tell had gone and he said, “it went great mummy”. He didn’t seem embarrassed, no one had said anything to him about it. He was happy and I was too. I was more than happy, I was elated!!!!

My darling little J I love you to absolute pieces.  I love your innocence, your love, your matter of fact-ness (totally a word!!),  the way in which you see the world so simply…..I know one day this will most likely be taken from you.  There’s a day coming when you will no longer kiss me 5 times every morning as I leave you at the school gate, when you will no longer come running out those school gates at 2pm, for a hug, shouting “mummmmmyyyyy”, when you will no longer crawl into my bed every morning at 7am for a wee snuggle or hold my hand when we go for a walk or out to the shops.

But for now,  I am going to wallow in all of it.  Treasure each and every hug, and warm cuddle and snuggle.  I will cherish those moments when you’re proud to let people know that you love me.  I’ll not rush those morning goodbye kisses or force you to grow up too soon.

 This evening I find myself welling up as I write this as I know, before I know it,  you’ll be ‘too cool’ for all that mushy stuff. And not so long after that, there’ll be another girl in your life who you’ll be shouting your love about, she’ll be the one that you want to wake up to every morning and come home to every night. And by jove, she better be a good ‘un!

But for now my J.Bear you are MY boy and I love you lots and lots like jelly tots; loads and loads like frogs and toads. And I am so proud that I was the “something that you love” for Show and Tell.


What else would a girl want??

I am feeling overwhelmed and spoilt right now. Argento got in touch to say that they would like to send me a little ‘Pamper package’ for Valentine’s day, and I of course agreed. The prospect of jewellery and pampering being involved, what girl would say no?! The package has arrived and wowzers I feel well and truly spoilt…



The package contains everything any classic Valentine’s gift should, (in my opinion anyhow!) chocolate,

massages, candles and of course jewellery.

All of the products and gifts are available here in Northern Ireland which is great news if anyone is looking some last minute inspiration ;) So far I have enjoyed every little bit of this gift, the last thing I need to do is book myself into The Merchant for what sounds like an afternoon of bliss.



I am so delighted too with my gorgeous new necklace, it will be so easy to wear and match with on different occasions. As always, it has prompted me to have a little browse to see what else is available ….

Aren’t these rings gorgeous??

This August Woods ring is only £5

This one would make a fabulous Valentines gift!

Some gorgeous pieces are available both instore and online.  Argento have very kindly given me a code for my lovely readers to use on their next purchase : Enter LOVE20 at the checkout and you will get 20% off your purchase.

I hope you all get a little something special this Valentine’s weekend…..love comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes….from the rose from your partner, to a cup of tea from your mum at the end of a long day, to a cuddle from your littles to a warm hug from a neighbour.

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx


Snowdrop walks.

A little late in getting around to writing up this post, once again I find myself busy, busy, busy these days and no time in the evenings to sit down and write! But I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you an idea for a family day out for any local readers.

Last weekend there was a definite Spring vibe in the air. The sun showed it’s cheery little face, not quite with its hat on, but it was there all the same.  The fierce chill and bite in the air had gone and there was definite hope that any day now Spring will have sprung! We made a bit of an impromptu decision to head to The Argory last Sunday after church to go on their ‘Snowdrop Walk’. All nurseries and schools up and down the country will be covering ‘Spring’ as a topic and will, no doubt, be talking a little about snowdrops. So, at least now our kids should be able to recognise it!

We stopped off for a cheeky wee McDonalds on route and I have to say, sometimes it is the very simplest of things that make kids super chuffed! They were just delighted and I have to confess I thought it was pretty darn fabulous myself! No horrible Sunday roast pans to scrub, and a Big Mac to boot ;) Winner!

This was our first time at The Argory for a walk, we were there for the first time at Christmas but didn’t get a chance to explore the grounds so we were all looking forward to seeing what there was to explore. The Snowdrop walk was perfect for our little family, it was a lovely dander, not too far for little legs, with lots to look at along the way. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a wee afternoon to embrace the outdoors and celebrate Spring!

Here are some pics from our day…..
















DSC_0690     DSC_0699  DSC_0701   DSC_0704  DSC_0706


Our Spring Bucket List.


I don’t know about you guys but I am so over this whole winter / cold thing and ready for Spring. Roll on the tulips and daffodils and sunny evenings and a little bit of heat. With that is mind I have put together another Bucket List for our fridge for the season of Spring. Oh hello fluffy lambs and chirpy chicks!!

Visit a farm to see the baby animals.

Plant some flowers.

Feed the ducks.

Go on an Easter egg hunt.

Go on a Spring scavenger hunt.

Dye some eggs for rolling down a hill.

Go on a bug hunt.

Go on lots of bike rides. (I’m excited for this as all 3 can now have a little bike of their own!)

Have a picnic at some botanical gardens and smell the pretty flowers.

Dance in the April showers and jump in the muddy puddles.

Help mummy do some Spring cleaning.

Plant strawberries and find somewhere to go strawberry picking.

Grow cress heads.

Tidy up our kiddies gardening area in the back garden.

Make an Easter garden.

There are also lots of lovely Spring and Easter activities at local National Trust properties. Be sure to have a wee peek at some of those!

I love all that Spring means and represents: new life, new beginnings, hope, joy….I hope to embrace it all. Have a lovely season folks xxx