Putting some yummy back in this mummy #4


So, I’m not feeling yummy in any way these days. I have put on half a stone since Christmas and boy am I really feeling it around the middle.  Guess I am that old spoon shape after all! Now, I know half a stone isn’t a lot really, but it definitely does make all the difference, and it has definitely influenced what outfits I’ve picked out this past few weeks. I have definitely been favouring the old sweats and hoodies on more than 1 or 2 or 5 occasions!

All that aside I am still trying to work my way through my wardrobe and the bags of, ‘excess to requirements’ clothing that my sister has passed on. It’s fun getting a little injection of clothing into your wardrobe to help shake it up a little, and when it’s for free, it makes it even more fun, right?!

Here’s what I have been wearing….you’ll be glad to know I will NOT be wearing the navy shorts and tight combo again – heeeelllloooo chicken legs!

This blouse and shirt is not something that I would ever buy for myself, but I always love something like this on other people. The shorts are Sisley and the blouse Primark. I really loved wearing this and will definitely wear it again! This one was straight from my sisters wardrobe!
Yes, I know, the legs – not good. Let’s move on! Yellow, I love a bit of yellow! Mum bought me this wee top for Easter and I only got to wear it for the first last week, got that little bag for like a fiver or something in Primark! It really is even nicer in real life!
These jeans are actually a very pale baby pink and I really love them! The same as the cream ones from before – ripped knees! Which the kids still find hilarious. Although they are actually harder to wear than I thought, in terms of finding things that look right with them!
Same jeans, different top! And yes those are goose bumps on my knees – what is with the weather?!
This was another great wee find from my sisters wardrobe! A silk top with the most gorgeous pattern…..again with those jeans…..
The top says it all……..
And lastly for this week – this dress. I felt like a proper little housewifey in it. I love the neckline too. Was at a complete loss as to what to wear on top, as you definitely can’t leave the house without layers at the moment. Went for a black leather jacket, which was perfect for making it a bit more casual!

On a different note, I’m thinking of closing up shop in terms on the blog. I’m just not ‘feeling’ it anymore. Life at the moment is busy and full, I’m still doing all the same arts and crafts with the kiddies and we’re still doing all the same day trips, but I kind of feel I’m not enjoying them the same when I’m constantly snapping photos of the ‘fun’ that we’re having – it means I kinda miss out on that fun! But, we’ll see, maybe I’ll find a fresh energy and enthusiasm for all things social media and come back bigger than ever. But if you don’t hear from me….you’ll know where I’ve gone!

I’m just having a wee moment!

It really is true what they say : You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone; isn’t it? It wasn’t that long ago I was looking forward to getting some structure into my day, having a little routine, maybe get the chance to have a wee bit of time to myself. And, now that I have it, I don’t really want it!

I’m sitting here tonight wishing it was the summer holidays already. I love days at home when you’ve nowhere to be for a certain time, no rushing around in the mornings. Days when you can stay in your PJs all day if you wish snuggling under the duvet watching Disney movies. Days when you can decide to take a picnic to the park, or head to the beach or just play in the garden all day.

I’m much less fond of the ‘we’ve gotta be there for 9am’ starts and the clock watching for pick ups and homeworks and other extra curricular activities. When did life get so busy? And I know that I don’t know the half of it yet, ‘wait ’til they’re older’ people will tell you.

But life’s like that a bit isn’t it? You always kinda want what you don’t have. When they’re tiny and the days are so long and at times a little mundane, you find yourself dreaming of the days when they’ll be more independent, not just as reliant on you for their every need. You look forward to the school days.

Now that they are here I want to go back! I now realise that, I do miss those days that everyone told me I would……..

I wish my occupation could read, “Princess” !

So, I just ‘have’ to blog about it.  It’s everywhere – social media, the actual TV, (who watches TV nowadays??!); blogland is full of posts about it, mums at the school gate are discussing it, what is it? Why, the new Little Princess of course and I LOVE it! I, for one, am all over it.

I saw on Instagram today that M&S have a special biscuit tin with a fancy lid to mark the occasion – I’m going straight after the school run tomorrow to buy a box! On Saturday I sat for a good 6 hours and watched Sky News film 2 doors, and say on repeat, “A new baby Princess has been born this morning at 834am, weighing 8lbs 3oz”.  I hardly left the sofa, granted I did have a shocker of a head cold, but still I was glued. When little George arrived I cried – actually cried! He was just so cute, with his little waves and chubby cheeks and wee fat legs in those shorts. I knew exactly how Kate would feel when she saw him arrive with his (rather dashing!) Daddy.

I was excited and emotional the whole day. And while that sounds daft, I don’t know them for goodness sake, nor do I follow history nor all that ‘Royal’ stuff. But I love it. I love Kate and William. I loved Diana, I remember waving my little flag so hard when our school got to go and meet her.  I love seeing what the Queen is wearing and what she has to say on Christmas Day.

The news came today that they have registered her birth and honestly it tickled me pink!! On, “Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge”‘s birth certificate, they have as her parents occupation, “Prince of The United Kingdom” and “Princess of The United Kingdom” !!! Now. That is AMAZING. That’s romantic, dreamy, what every girl dreams of right there. Maybe it’s the Disney fan in me, or maybe it’s because I have recently started watching, “Once Upon a Time” but, that made me smile. I absolutely love that little girls birth certificate, it’s what dreams are made of.

And yes, Kate looked amazing. Absolutely amazing. But no, I don’t think she should have just come out in her jogging bottoms like some people are suggesting she should. And no, I don’t think she should feel bad, ‘because it will only make other new mums feel inadequate”.  I don’t feel bad about the way I looked when I came home. She looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what she would be wearing. She is a classy lady. (although I did feel for her wearing cream!!) I bet when she got home to the palace she kicked off her heels and got changed into something more comfortable. But it seems that her birth was pretty straightforward and relatively quick, so perhaps  she did feel as wonderful as she looked. Not every birth is the same. I was pretty fortunate with my 3 that I did kinda just pop them out and if I had had a hairdresser and stylist I’m sure I could have looked just like Kate when I came home. (!!?)

Give the poor girl a break. I think she is doing an amazing job as Princess of The United Kingdom. Everything she does, she does with dignity and femininity.

So, I am on a bit of a Royal high at the moment.  I’ve watched the news more in the last 3 days than I’ve done in the last 3 months. I almost feel like one of my chums has had a new arrival. What about you guys, were any of you excited by it all at the weekend? Did you stay on your sofa all afternoon, just waiting? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning that my local M&S have that tin of biscuits!!!

Putting some yummy back in this mummy #3


Time to share with you what I’ve been wearing lately in an attempt to put a little bit of yummy back in this mummy. I have 2 large bin bags of clothes ready for the charity shop as a result! I’ll probably go looking for ‘that’ stripy top or really ‘need’ that wee black skirt no doubt, but there comes a point when you just need to ‘let it go’! ;)

I’m sorry to say that the photos have not improved.  I still look as awkward as ever, and I still haven’t found a mirror in the house where I can take a selfie which has good light, but it is what it is and hopefully things will improve……at some point!

First, I want to share this little pic with you.11203079_10150517440334957_4693535162239774598_n Not exactly an inspirational fashion shot, but one that has to be shared.  A few weeks ago, myself and my 2 sisters took L to her first Disney on Ice show. She absolutely loved it! She sat with her wee fists all clenched with excitement as she watched.  It really brought her a lot of joy. As we walked out of the arena she said, “that was so much fun!” It also gave me a totally valid reason to purchase and wear this Frozen top!

Last Saturday, me and my sisters took ourselves off shopping for the day and I made a few sneaky little purchases. I was shopping for hubs birthday, but I allowed myself a few treats too!

These jeans…you know the ones….the ones all the cool kids are wearing….the ones with the rips….the ones that your 5 year old cannot understand! “You bought them with those rips in them already? But they need to go in the bin” I got a pair – actually I got 2 – this cream pair and a baby pink pair. I have to say I am loving them. Although it does mean, I have to shave my knees and tan them much more frequently than I’d like ;)

10952465_10150517440429957_5860109089201269613_n  21101_10150517440504957_5429195783004217447_n


I also treated myself and L to new bags – £10 for them both. Primark we salute you!

I really love L’s, she already has it filled with Moshi Monsters and those miniature Disney Princess dolls that Sainsbury are now selling!


 My bag is incredibly soft and in my new favourite colour! It’s a very practical mumsy sort of bag, but sometimes you just need to be practical, right?!


Another 2 outfits….in that same colour. I need to step away from the baby pink!



I had mentioned before that my sister had been having a bit of a wardrobe clear out too.  The next couple of pictures feature items that I have been given and am recycling. Jill is much, much more fashionable than me and I’m never too sure if I can carry off things the way she can!


A bit of clashing and mixing of prints – a magazine told me it’s all the rage this season?!



I wore this outfit yesterday! I was clearly not expecting the snow / hail / sleet that we got!

Looking back over these pictures, I can see a definite them emerging! Must try a few different colours this week.

Off now with my 2 black bags, hopefully there’ll be another bag next week ;)

Putting some yummy back in this mummy #2

Well hello there folks. Another week has passed and I am only getting time to sit and write over here .  It has been a good week, the weather was more than kind to us for the 2nd week of the Easter break. We enjoyed lots of picnics and day trips as family and with the extended family.

I too am feeling a bit more upbeat too, there’s nothing like a bit of sunshine and more daylight hours to put a literal spring in your step, right?

So, I have been enjoying my new wardrobe challenge and feel much more confident about myself, it’s funny how just putting a little bit more effort into your appearance can have such an impact on your day.  I’m not saying, it should become something that you obsess over, or prioritise, but at the moment the extra 5 minutes for me are making all the difference.

I really would appreciate any comments that you guys would make about what I’m wearing….positive or negative! For example, today I am wearing a pair of tailored trousers that are definitely FAR.TOO.SHORT! I’m kinda worried that there may have been some butt cheek on display at the school gate! But I had no-one tell me that until the mister got home from work!! Oh well….my neighbours and fellow school parents either had a real treat today or were put completely off their dinner!!

You’ll find below the pictures of my #bringingyummyback. If you’re on instagram be sure to follow me on this little adventure, and hey it would make my day, if you decided to join in one day ;)

Now, a quick word.  These photos are rare. Completely rare. I am just not comfortable getting my photo taken at all, least of all for something like this!

And then, I’m trying to decide on another little item of clothing! The lilac coat won in the last vote by the way! This skirt, is it a yeah or a no way?

So, what do you all think? Say what you think, I won’t be offended ;)

Putting some yummy back in this mummy! #1


If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will know that I have done something similar to this before – I had a little series, “Trying to put some yummy in this mummy” and I have also done a little wardrobe challenge in the Autumn time. This time it is going to be a combination of the 2.

Recently I have found myself getting into a bit of a rut with my clothing and appearance and have been feeling very uninspired by my wardrobe. My sister, (the middle one!) has had a bit of a wardrobe clear out and has passed on some great wee bits and bobs, she is so much more stylish and fashionable than me, so I feel like my wardrobe has had some serious fashion injection! And so, both these things have prompted me to embark on a bit of a fashion journey again this Spring / Summer.

I hope to share with you what I’m wearing weekly – I’ll show you the outfits, maybe where the inspiration came from (most likely Pinterest!!) and what I’m going to bin / give to charity. I think there is a real danger for us mums to kind of neglect ourselves a little isn’t there? I know in the mornings I tend to fire something on without really thinking as I’m keen to get the kids their breakfast and make sure they look presentable for the day ahead. When the new season arrives it’s always the kids who get kitted out head to toe and I tend to just churn out the same old outfits season after season, year after year.

I’m hoping that this challenge will give me the motivation that I need to once again ‘shop my own wardrobe’ and put a little effort into looking the best that I can. I think I might start a little hashtag on Instagram too if you want to follow or, even better join in ;) #bringingyummyback …cringe!! Ha!

OK. So, something completely cringe worthy to share…..this photo …..

Oh boy! Now, what am I doing?? Trying to work out what my body shape is and what my actual size is! I took measurements of my bust, waist and hips, actually measured what height I am and weighed myself. Turns out I have a healthy BMI and am not a perfect size anything…i’m inbetween 2 sizes and the online experts say that my body shape is SPOON!!!!!! Ha! Just what a girl wants to hear, right??!

I’m hoping thought that now I know measurements and a rough size this should make ‘styling’ myself a little easier.

And then just before I leave you with that glorious image, let me try to erase it with some wee pics of what I have been wearing lately…

Yes, these trousers were actually glowing!!

And, finally, finally. I’m trying to decide on a new practical, yet stylish rain coat….an essential for any mummy on a family day out, don’t you think. At the moment, it is between these 3 ….


So, there we go. The beginning of a new wardrobe challenge for me. I now know, for the first time ever my height, my BMI and what my bust, waist and hip measurements are! And after all these years of wondering if I’m a pear, an apple or an hourglass I now know that I am in fact a spoon! So, Spring time fashion…let’s be havin ya!!!


Easter Fuzzy Felt


On Saturday J, S and L all had a nap – J was exhausted from the BB display the night before, poor S had a virus and L…well L, just loves a wee snuggle in her bed with Minnie and the gang. Ben was outside working on his wee trees and I came over all creative!

I decided to make some new fuzzy felt scenes with a bit of an Easter / Spring feel. I find the ones that you buy in shops have far too many pieces to keep track of and these wee ones fit in a sandwich bag making them easily transportable to whip out in the coffee shop, doctors waiting room, restaurant or church.

They really are so, so, so easy to make and cost next to nothing. All you need is some Felt sheets, (I got mine in Tesco for £1), scissors, and a bit of imagination. I just cut my pieces out free hand, but you could be much more professional about the whole thing and make yourself some templates and plan the picture. I just made it up as I went along.

I cut out a strip of blue felt and stuck it onto the A5 sheet of green felt. The rest of the pieces can be moved around – the sheeps head and legs are not attached to his body either ;)
A simple yet oh so cute fat Spring chick! All pieces here come off the purple sheet.
Can you tell what this one is?? It’s a little ropey I know, but it’s got some of the main elements of the Easter story – the tomb, the angel, a palm leaf, a cross, a heart and….I’m going to say that figure is Mary!
All these pieces are again moveable!

There we go – our version of Fuzzy Felt in a simple way for toddlers and younger children. Dead easy and so handy. Good too for hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, imagination, story telling, creativity….all very important in these fundamental years.

What do you think? Anyone going to give it a go? Let me know, I’d love to hear!

Spring has sprung! Well, kind of!

For all my fellow Northern Irish readers hasn’t it been lovely to see a bit of sunshine? Oh boy, I have welcomed it with open arms that is for sure and already I can feel a little extra bounce in my step. Now, I know, I know, someone dared to mention *whispers* SNOW, but for now I am choosing to ignore that possibility and embrace all things bright and beautiful.

Going to share some little things that we have been doing to get ourselves all Spring-ified!

These are just an essential part of Easter aren’t they? We prefer to use rice krispies as opposed to shreddies, not quite the same nest look but a lot easier on the palate ;)




I made some Happy Easter bunting with a little kit that I found in…yip you guessed it, my favourite place! Poundland!
We searched through our books and picked out those which reminded us of Spring and Easter. We’re hoping to get to the library this week to pick out a few more.
L and I made a little start on an egg carton Spring flowers canvas that we found on Pinterest.

Today, S had a day off pre school, so him, L and I made some Easter egg suncatchers…..





Please ignore how dirty my windows are!!!

I’ve also been adding a few wee bits and pieces to our home, it’s a bit of a killer not being on Facebook and Instagram at the moments as I would love to just pop up a wee picture on there to share with you all. But I guess, I’ll have to do another little update here on the blog tomorrow night!

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun and are finding yourselves knee deep in pastels and chocolate too ;)

A waffly one!

So, it has been 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything on here. And I’m not too sure why. I guess the really truthful answer is – I can’t be bothered!! Is that terrible? It is, isn’t it. It’s not that I don’t care about my blog, I do and I really do care about my readers. But at the moment I just can’t find neither the motivation nor the inspiration to blog. I don’t feel that I have anything inspiring or interesting to share.

And I guess it’s because life at the moment is the same too. I need some motivation right across the board. What I’m wearing needs a bit of inspiration, my hair, my face (!).  Most days it seems I can be found in jeans and a faithful stripey top with my hair scrapped up in a ponytail.  The housework needs a definite kick up the backside. I am still finding glittery hearts all over the house from our Valentine’s sensory play tub.

I also feel like I am kind of failing at the whole stay at home mum thing too. L begged to paint for like 5 days straight before I eventually gave in. We haven’t made any crafts for what feels like ages and as for actually sitting down and playing with the kids….well, it’s been a while too.  A lot of our dinners have come in the form of a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve with instructions to cook for 35 mins at 180′.  And I’m pretty sure hubs has had to go searching in the tumble dryer for clean clothes for work on more than one occasion!!

I’m in a bit of a funk it seems at the moment. Maybe it’s the weather, the time of year.

Maybe it’s ok actually and I shouldn’t beat myself up so much? We can all get like this, right?? Someone tell me you feel like this sometimes too?? Please tell me I’m normal ;-)

But, yeah, sorry about this waffly type post, I just wanted to let you know where I am. And it also seems I needed to verbally throw up on the blog!! Sorry about that but I feel better getting it out there.   I’ve been off Facebook and Instagram for 1 month now and I have to say I am enjoying the freedom. I’m not even sure if I’ll go back! (I have kept messenger on my phone though..it’s great for keeping in touch with peeps – where we live mobile phone reception is rubbish!!) It’s nice to not have to see everyone’s life highlights at the moment.

So, Mrs. Making Memories in the Chaos is all out of inspiration and motivation at the moment. Our days consist of coffee, peanut butter and toast, library trips, M&S shopping trips, Haribo, Tiny Pop, the park, more coffee and P1 homework….and all of that basically on repeat. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying it, I kind of am. It just doesn’t make for an exciting blog post!!

Hopefully I’ll see y’all on the other side…..