Autumn Bucket List for families.

It’s that time of year again when I share with you our Bucket List for the most beautiful season, (in my opinion!),  Autumn.

Crunch and jump in piles of leaves.

Plant daffodil bulbs to enjoy in Spring.

Visit a Farmers Market.

Decorate pumpkins.

Make a scarecrow – we will definitely be recreating Harry and Betty from The Scarecrows Wedding.

Go for long walks and bike rides in beautiful places.

Visit Starbucks + Costa for a seasonal favourite!

Make caramel apples.

Create a Thankful tree.

Make leaf prints.

Make apple prints.

Make apple tart and apple crumble.

Make some Autumn playdough.

Fly a kite.

Bob for apples.

Go to a ‘Light party’.

Watch some Fireworks.

Camp out in the back garden – star gazing, toasting marshmallows and telling stories around a fire.

Go on a hike in Tullymore and have a picnic.

Go on a nature / scavenger hunt.

Decorate our front porch and fireplace for the beautiful season.

Go to PumpkinFest at Castle Ward.

What about you, what do you like to get up to in Autumn?

Have you anything for us to add to our list?

P’inspiration #2

Evening folks. So a week has passed since my little wardrobe challenge began. It’s been fun and has made me feel a little better about getting dressed in the mornings. Sometimes you just get stuck in a little rut and you need something, anything to get you out of it.

It has been a big week too, S went for his pre – op assessment, if you haven’t already check out my post, “mummy knows best” to get caught up on that bizz! He should be having it within the next 4 weeks. He also started pre-school on Tuesday and I have been totally down in the dumps ever since. Monday I spent the whole day feeling pensive and so sad that the end of an era was very much upon me. I had got used to having 3 little ankle snappers constantly around all day every day and I just cannot believe that those days are now behind us! Just where does the time go, eh? I intend to make the most of the next year with my little girl and embrace all the tantrums and raisins and potty training and Organix snacks!

So onto, what I’ve been wearing this week. I am totally struggling with this whole warm weather thing that is going on at the moment. I am roasting but it just seems wrong to be in short sleeved tops and bare toesies in September!!

Sporty, created by honeybee20 on Polyvore love all but the jumper

Camo skinnies . LOVE it! @Kirsten Wehrenberg-Klee Wehrenberg-Klee Lyle!!!!

jeans + white top

Now, my interpretation of these…..




And then this wasn’t actually inspired by anyone particular thing on Pinterest, I just thought I’d give it a whirl!


Nothing particularly interesting or note worthy really, but it has made getting ready in the mornings a little bit more of an adventure!

In other news, I got J’e eyes tested and he needs glasses! Would highly recommend you get your little ones eyes tested, especially if they have just started school.  I know they get them checked by the school nurse, but I think a more thorough examination at the opticians does no harm. There’s only so much the lady can pick up in a wee 5/10 min check!

Tomorrow I’m having a little bit of surgery, so if you get a wee chance would you say a wee prayer for me :)

AND apologies to those lovely bloggers who have sent me little blog award – thank you so much! And I will get around to fulfilling those very soon.

Feeling a little p’inspired!

Around this time last year,  I set myself a ‘Wardrobe Challenge’. If you haven’t read about it, do a little search for it in the sidebar and you can catch up ;)  I’ve decided to set myself another ‘Wardrobe Challenge’ this time involving Pinterest. You see, I take little notions for Pinterest and go mad some evenings and ‘pin’ like crazy. Trouble is, I hardly ever do anything with those things that I have pinned. So, for this challenge, I am going to try to recreate each of the outfits that I have pinned using items that are already in my wardrobe! Sounds easy, right?

I’m hoping that it’s going to help me out a little. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my clothes lately and truth be told I have had a few minor meltdowns. Us women are hard on ourselves, really aren’t we? You can read all these posters about “being proud that this body has housed 3 babies”, and think, “yeah, you’re right, go me. I’m a tiger who has earnt her stripes”, but deep down, for me anyway, there’s always a little part of me, that goes, “yukky” at certain bits!!

I’ve written before of how I feel it is important to make an effort for my hubster in how I look. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to come home to something that looks like it’s been trailed through a hedge backwards. So, I do like to make a bit of an effort on most days – even if it is just a splash of perfume.  Recently I’ve kinda lost my way a bit, so with this challenge I’m hoping I’ll fall in love all over again with my wardrobe, regain some confidence and get an extra big  kiss when hub comes home ;)

I think I’ll check in midweek with this little slot and let you all see how I’m getting on. Please do join in with some comments on what you like or don’t like :)

Let’s get started, 2 outfits for you this week. First up the pins and then me! Hee hee!!

White pants, grey, pop of color.

Denim and skinnies

denim shirt


Two nice simple outfits to get me started! Sorry the pictures are such  poor quality and headless!  I will try harder for next week. Today I am wearing the denim shirt outfit and my face and hair and not fit for internet publication! Till next week folks……

Cheerio August!

I cannot believe it is the 31st August! August just seemed to disappear for us. It flew by. I don’t know whether it was the weather, the fact that we were on the ‘countdown’ or because it was a busy month, but it was over before we knew it!

Here are some of my highlights…….

There were days out…..

DSC_0113 DSC_0102 DSC_0094 DSC_0089 DSC_0070  DSC_0061 DSC_0059 DSC_0052 DSC_0043 DSC_0035 DSC_0030 DSC_0029













Days stuck inside because of the rain ……

DSC_0013 DSC_0006






And other little moments that made me smile ……













And of course my little first born started school.

Tomorrow is 1st September, bring it on! September is going to be a bit of a ‘significant’ month for us. J has started school, S will start pre school, I’m having a little bit of oral surgery, S is going for his pre operation assessment, things like Sunday School and Boys Brigade will become part of our weekly routine….and dare I say it, I need to start organising a ‘Christmas present’ box, as yes, I have started my shopping!!! 

I think I must definitely be getting old, because I tell ya what – time seems to be going an awful lot quicker!!!!


One small step for son, one giant leap for mummy!

For 8 years I was the teacher who welcomed the little ones at the door of school. I adored how cute they all were in their uniforms and their wee cutesie voices, some with wee lisps. Adorable. I had a little chuckle to myself, dare I say it, I may have even thought, “catch a grip”, at the mums who cried.  I expected the kids to be able to put their shoes on, socks on, jumpers on, why on earth would they not be able to do that, they were in school now???

Yet today, I was the mummy. I was the mummy who has cried on and off all summer at the thought of her son going to school. I was the mummy who worried about, whether or not someone would help him if he got his shoes on the wrong feet or got tangled up in his jumper. I was the mummy who wondered, would the teacher realise that he does get shy and awkward in new situations. Would she have time to listen to his chats, would she make sure he had someone to play with in the playground, be his partner in PE??

I was the mummy who just about held it together as she said goodbye, but spent the next 3 hours counting down the minutes until I could go and ‘rescue’ him again.

He on the other hand loved it and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

So, MY son has started school. MY little boy. He has taken that first little step of independence.  A giant step for me. He told me at lunch,  “I took a tumble today Mum. But I was ok, Mrs. C helped me feel better”. And he may as well have stabbed me with a knife!! (I know, a little dramatic!) But, for 4 and a half years I have been this little boys everything and I have to admit it hurts that someone else gets to share those wee moments now too.

But, hey, doesn’t he look handsome?

Jonah p1

Now, here’s a few out-takes….

DSC_0149 DSC_0140


Meet some of my other family and friends………

I’ve mentioned before that I have been to Uganda and tonight as I was sorting through some photos on the laptop I came across some from the times that I have spent out there. I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share them with you guys.

Claire pictures 112

You see, I’ve been to Uganda 5 times, 4 times during the Summer and once for Christmas and each time I went I fell more and more in love with the country, but more so the people. And I made a promise, in my heart, that I would never forget those people. That I would never forget the shame I felt when I came home to my luxurious life. I promised that I would be their voice, that I would stand up for them, that I would fight for them, that I would make sure that somehow, their lives were made a little better.


And I did….for a while. A lot of people grew tired of me, always going on about Uganda. I came home each time, changed, challenged, motivated, inspired, ready to take on poverty single handed.  And, for a while I fought on these peoples behalf. I told their story. I shared the heartbreaking stories of my friends in Uganda who had to eat leaves from trees and drink their own urine to survive. I told people of the thousands of street children, who have nowhere to sleep at night, who eat from the bins, who are as young as 3 and 3. I shared my photos of beautiful, beautiful children who had nothing to wear but a shoe lace around their waist, or a scrap of material for a nappy.







But, somehow, ‘life’ has taken over. Dare I say it, but somewhere along the way, I have lost that passion for these people. I have stopped fighting for them, I have stopped sharing the stories and the photos.

So, tonight, I want to start fighting again. I want to share with you guys, some pictures from my time in Uganda. I want to show you some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Some of the richest; not richest with money or possessions, but rich with true spiritual joy. And maybe, just maybe, someone out there will be touched. Someone else will share my pictures, my stories and the silent horror of what life is for some people will be realised. Perhaps you’ll start fighting for them too…….



DSC01600me and joseph

UGANDA JUL 2006 298





Claire pictures 370

Claire pictures 140









A new room!

Busy, busy, busy! That’s how I feel – it’s all go at the moment, what with days out, tidying up, clearing out and rearranging nearly every room in the house! I haven’t been very good at getting around to writing on the old blog :/ A few of you guys have been asking me about little L’s room…it’s not quite finished yet, still a few pictures to add to frames and bits and bobs to finish off, but hey I’ll let you all see it now :) You’ll forgive the dirty mirrors and wrinkled bed sheets, I like to keep it real around here ;)

Okey dokey, so, here we go….probably should have taken the pictures on a sunny day, probably should have taken more arty farty type pictures too, but hopefully you’ll get the idea :) I love her wee room and so does she, I hope these piccies do it justice…..

You can see her flower lights – I think they feature in a LOT of little girl bedrooms :)

Her toddler bed, her dolls bed and her armchair for relaxing and reading books.10413411_10150418556924957_7440738289030117037_n


Then she’s got her storage unit for easy access to all her favourite toys and books. She’s also got some little keepsakes on the top – the doll she got for her 1st birthday, a little trinket box for her dedication, her first musical jewellery box and her first proper pair of shoes.984144_10150418556859957_1164351555361035315_n


Above that on a high shelf is Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. This was my favourite film growing up, I once played Bashful in a school production :) Santa brought L Snow White for Christmas and a lovely friend passed on the gorgeous little dwarfs. I’m a little protective over these toys at the moment – hence the shelf!10403378_10150418556979957_3705330823935693602_n

In one corner of her room, is another storage unit for other toys and books with her favourite ones being easily accessible on the lower shelves.10478164_10150418556784957_2925299630886466900_n


In another corner, is the much adored kitchen and her built in wardrobe – man those things are great! We have hidden things away in there, which you will see in the next picture!10485366_10150418556724957_3274661927839280129_n


10561567_10150418556694957_1791729066985369056_nHa!! Yes, so it ain’t that tidy in there is it?? Whoops! Oh well, no-one really sees in here anyway! There’s a shelf to help with more storage :) Can you tell I love a bit of storage?! One of those canvas shelf clothes things (what are they called?!), and her purple laundry basket.

Here’s a little picture of her big girl bed – thankfully the move has been successful and she hasn’t looked back since. 



So there we have it, a little whistle stop tour of L’s new room :) I’m all pleased with how it has turned out. She has plenty of storage for all her little bits and pieces and hopefully it is a room that will grow with her :) Thanks to all those who gave me some tips for where to get toddler bedding – Asda came up trumps – I can’t resist a bargain!!