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His eyes are orange, his tongue is black; He has purple prickles all over his back……

So the wonderful buzz of my phone vibrating off my mobile phone woke me at 7am, (there’s no way that bad boy can make a proper alarm sound – do not want to wake the munchkins until absolutely necessary!) I have been getting up at 7am for 3 months now to spend time ON MY OWN and with God and I have to say it has totally changed the rhythm of my day…more on that perhaps at another date! My lot usually wake around 730/745am and I ‘let’ them have a wee bitta time in their rooms before calling them for breakfast at around 8am.

I had decided today was going to be a Gruffalo day – if you’re a parent you will no doubt be very familiar, perhaps even too familiar, with this wonderful story. If not defo check it out – your kids will thank you for it and I am pretty sure you will get a kick out of it too!

I had thought I’d do 3 activities with the kiddies! We’ve been house bound since last Wednesday – poor wee sick car 😦 So, cabin fever was starting to kick in a little, despite the glorious weather. So, yeah, 3 activities were on my list.

After breakfast we read the story and then bust out one of our favourite things – PLAY DOUGH!! Let’s have a WHOOP for play dough! Great stuff for so many reasons! We used our chocolate play dough which we had made at Easter, you can find that recipe here.  The task I gave the boys was to create their own Gruffalo…..little L enjoyed playing alongside her brothers too. My kids are J (3years), S (2years) and L (1year). They were given – play dough, crafts sticks, googly eyes, foam craft pieces and card. J was REALLY into it, S gave it a good go, and L, well she had a blast putting craft sticks into the dough and then taking them out again! All in the name of building those finger muscles for writing 😉

Here’s J’s Gruffalo……I helped him get the shape of the head and body and then he did the rest…….DSCN3746

Little S made one too………


And little L’s ……. bless her!


The 3 of them played here for over an hour and were keen to make more than just the main man! I sat back and left them to it and got a load of washing done too!!  We ended up with….

the deep dark woods….


the snake ….


and the log pile house!


Our second wee activity of the day saw us on a Gruffalo hunt – J and S are BIG into hide and seek at the minute, so I knew they would LOVE it! And, yip, they did!! When a 2 and 3-year-old ask you to do something “again” and “again” and “again”, you know it was a hit.  J had been bought a lovely set of Giant Snap cards and we used these to help us with our game.  I hid the 5 characters around the garden and each of my little munchkins had to find a set of 5 each, make sense??


They then brought them all back into the house and sorted them into sets…sometimes you just can’t help but do a teachery thing!!!

The last wee activity was a total winging it, making it up as I went along…but turned out not too bad ……we made Gruffalo Crumble and Owl Ice cream……DSCN3767

For this I just used Apple Crumble as my main recipe and then made it up! I made it when the munchkins were sleeping so I could really make them believe it was real Gruffalo Crumble, and not just our favourite apple crumble with a twist. I added blackberries to give it a “purple spikes” colour. When it was baked I added green sprinkles, to represent the wart at the end of his nose and some chocolate drops for his brown fur. To make our owl ice cream I went for vanilla ice cream and chocolate drop eyes and wafer wings!! I had to break up a cone to make the wings, had I been more prepared I could have had those wafers that are triangular-shaped (no idea what they are called!!!!) But, hey, it turned out ok and when you’re trying to impress a 3, 2 and 1-year-old it’s not so bad!! Dreading already trying to impress them when they are teenagers!!!! Ha! We enjoyed out pud while watching The Gruffalo animation…….not a bad end to a very fun day!!!

Things your kids would be learning :

fine motor skills – and strengthening little hand and finger muscles.

creativity –

literacy –  language and story telling.

numeracy – sorting, counting

5 thoughts on “His eyes are orange, his tongue is black; He has purple prickles all over his back……

  1. If I learn one thing from your blog it’s this: if I ever have kids of my own, I’ll be dropping them in with you.. 😉


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