Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy!

Let’s stop right there, before we even get started and let me declare I am not saying I am fashionable, nor am I saying, “you gotta wear this”, nor am I in any way trying to imply that I am down with the kids – even that phrase shows that I am not! (How embarrassing!) BUT I thought I would share with you all (why?!?!??!) the journey that I am trying to take myself on…..trying to not have that “middle-aged school teacher”, trying not to always resort to the cosy, comfort of sweats and a hoody!  Although, don’t get me wrong, those days WILL happen often enough. The wonderful world of pinterest has me inspired about outfits and clothes and I have a board with all these lovely outfits pinned and I thought, I really should ‘do’ something with those pins! So, yip, here we are – I’m going to let you in on my journey, with the hope that you can give me any pointers along the way too!

Being a stay at home mummy, I kind of need to be practical too – ready for those Weetabix kisses, sticky fingers, snotty noses, dropped raspberries,  and the list could go on. But I remember reading somewhere, ‘dress for the day that you wish to have’. So, I guess if I’m going to keep it frumpy everyday (sometimes I’ve been known to sport pj’s for a whole day with a hoody thrown on top!) it will make me feel lazy/tired/unmotivated.

I also feel that I owe it to my husband too – he doesn’t want to come home to an Eastenders extra at the end of a day at work. I’m sure he’d much rather come home to someone, who has at least brushed her hair and put on something fresh! My husbandy is one in a million and I believe in honouring him in all things – now don’t scoff and think oh boy, what a 1950’s housewife is she!!! But I want to be his perfect (to him!) helper and partner as we go through this life together, and I wanna look the best I can for him as we do that, yeah? Jeepers, I do not want him having to look around him for a beauty, I want him to look right here!! Ya get me?!

So, here we go…. here are 2 outfits that I’ve pinned on pinterest and that I’ve tried to re-create for me….I’m blushing at even the thought that I am now going to put pictures up, but hey, this blog is going to keep me accountable!!!!



And here’s me , in my wannabe outfits!!


I decided against the killer green heels and went for comfy flats (Primark!), added some accessories to bling things up, and my new scarf which my in laws brought me back from Italy. I am on the look out for a blue bag to match, any one seen one anywhere?

DSCN3776 DSCN3780

I am looking at these pics now and I am dying off!!! Hahahahahahahaha! We all gotta start somewhere!

And then outfit 2 :

DSCN3790  Should have had my fake tan on, but am in the process of scrubbing it all off 🙂 Nice!! And then, disgusting pic of my feet – but cute wee Next clearance flip flops! This whole outfit was a Primark classic (except the bag!)


So there we have it…….what do ya think? Do these outfits work – can I wear them in public again, or should I ditch them?

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