Sensory play

“Smelly poo” paints!

So, today husbandy had decided he wanted a day to himself and who could blame him?! 3 kids all so young could drive anyone crazy! Off he headed after breakfast to have some “Me time”! He’ll die if he thinks anyone reading this thinks that’s what he calls it – he doesn’t by the way, I just can’t think right now of another way to put it! And there we were back to normal – me and my 3 honeybuns and I have to admit – I LOVED it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate that we are so fortunate that Mr.Making Memories is a teacher and we get 2 fabulous months off together in the summer and fab other holidays throughout the year, but I have to confess having him off totally throws me!! Totally. I seem to get nothing done, I take my foot off the pedal big time, routines go out the window, housework, well what even is that?! and the kids tend to go a little loop de loo, even more than normal! Today was a nice day. Back to normal. I got 3 loads of washing done, Kitchen cleaned. Ironing done. Played with the kids. Read with the kids. Sang with the kids. Ate at proper times with proper food and proper cutlery and clean plates.  So, why is it things go a little skew whiff when my darling is at home???! I think it is something to do with my need for routine, I crave structure, organisation, dare I even say it control?!?! All that being said, I wouldn’t want him in any other job or to have any other holidays! I also love our family day trips! But just sometimes I realise I’m a routine freak and I think I’ve forced it upon my kiddies – *sigh*……

When daddy came home and asked J and S what they had done today with mummy this was the reply he got – “we were painting with smelly poo paint” – boy did daddy almost freak out! Well, when you have 2 boys ANYTHING is possible – especially with our 2nd bubs!  To clear things up I quickly explained we had made “Scratch and Sniff” pictures with some special paint that we made……..

DSCN3843 DSCN3847

I had simple added some spices and herbs to our regular paints – I guess when you’re 2 and 3 years old, when you mix up brown paint with oregano you can get left with “smelly poo paint”!!!  The little honeybunnies LOVED it, each of them got totally stuck in and painted for almost a full hour. Was great to sit alongside them and listen to their chat! As you can imagine paint went everywhere, so out came the water table to help with the clean up, secretly disguised as water play –


Just another day in mummyville, right?!

6 thoughts on ““Smelly poo” paints!

  1. Totally get and agree…as much as having hubby’s near, they seem throw routine out of sync. Mine works from home and I love days when he has to go to clients…yet love him being around too!
    Would love a blog on ur routine some time…I crave routine…and need structure now missy due to start nursery
    Love love ur posts


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