Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #4

Saturday past saw me make it to the hairdressers for the first time in 12 MONTHS!!!!! And boy do I feel good! I got all those greys covered, a lot of the weight taken out of it and a foxy (HA!) new fringe 🙂 It goes without saying I look hot 😉 Ahhhh if only, but… Continue reading Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #4

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Getting back into the swing of it!

Today was day 1 of my “Getting back into the swing of it” project! With both myself and hubster at home all summer, we’ve got all relaxed and laid back – letting the kids lie on in the morning/play in their bedrooms (for ages!!!!!) before getting breakfast, and lunch time before we were dressed; in the… Continue reading Getting back into the swing of it!


Definitely getting older…..

This week has seen our annual Holiday Bible Club, of which I have the joy of being in charge! And I really mean that, it is a joy….at times stressful….but definitely a joy. I have a wonderful team of helpers and a great God, who despite our failings and short comings still blesses us and… Continue reading Definitely getting older…..

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My power hour!!

So it’s 710am and the kids are are still asleep – I’ve been up since 630am trying to get my day kick started in the best possible way! Cue coffee 😉 Ha, there’s more to it than that… on. I’ve been asked on a number of occasions about our daily schedule, how we fit everything… Continue reading My power hour!!


Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3

Hey y’all! Kids are sleeping, basket of ironing is eyeballing me and the laptop has won!! Here’s some of what I’ve been rocking this week…… Last Saturday we went to the Festival of Flight in Newcastle, it was a really fantastic day out! The highlight was definitely the Red Arrows! They were just brilliant. The inspiration… Continue reading Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3

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Digging for treasure!

Sometimes being a mum who has been (and hopefully one day will be again!!) a teacher can be something of a bad thing!! There’s something inside you that is always a teacher, whether it be making sure everyone’s been to the toilet/got their coats/picked a partner before leaving on a trip, (including husband!) doing a mini… Continue reading Digging for treasure!

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And relax….

Hooray!!! Daddy’s home!!!!!!!!! Ok, so he was only gone for 3 days (2 nights) and yeah, when he’s at work I only have him around to help with the kids for 2/3 hours in the evenings anyway, but boy was it exhausting not having him around!! I AM POOPED. I have a new found respect… Continue reading And relax….