The joys of being able to pee alone……

At the weekend I got to spend 32 HOURS all by myself – well I was with a friend but, you know what I mean, 32 hours without having to be “mummy, mummy, muuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy”!!!!! And I have to say it was a kind of bitter-sweet time! You see, since J was born I have never been away from the kids for long, this weekend was the longest time ever. Even when I had the other 2 babies I got to see them during visiting time and I only stayed in hospital 24 hours. So, yeah this weekend was a big deal. 32 hours when all I had to worry about was myself – ah bliss! And it was, don’t get me wrong Nicola, I had a blast, but I have to admit I was glad to get home again to cuddles and snuggles and snots and bums to clean!

But, yes it was kind of bitter-sweet and here’s why………

1. The car journey – my kids are BIG on chat – so it was nice to sit in the car for an hour and a half and just – sit. Yeah, Nic and I chatted, but it was relaxed, no pointing out EVERY cow/sheep/horse/John Deere/trailer/lorry/Massey Ferguson/bin lorry/Blue Ford/big rig/aeroplane/white van/New Holland on the way. There was no need to bust out a few snack bars to maintain the peace when the journey was taking too long. No need to scramble around for a kids CD when things were about to get nasty in the back seat.  There was no need for Nicola and I to talk in code or in quiet voices when we were talking about something or dare I say it someone who we didn’t want little ears in the back to some day repeat! But, there was also no sudden bursts of “Old MacDonald” or “Twinkle twinkle” or “Wow wee”, there was no random shout outs of “Mummy I love you” or ” where are we going on our adventure today mummy” – it was a kind of bitter-sweet.

2.  Another bonus of the trip away was getting to eat when/if we wanted. I didn’t have to watch the clock to pre-empt a hunger melt down. I didn’t have to think about what we were going to eat/where we were going to eat/would the kids be able to get something that they would like. When my dinner came I got to tuck in straight away – I didn’t have to cut up/mash 3 other dinners first, no blowing on it for 5 mins to get it to cool down, no mopping up spilt drinks, no having to share my dinner (why is it mummy’s dinner ALWAYS looks better than everyone else’s??) My dinner got brought to me, it was sat down in front of me and I ate it ALL, when it was HOT and with no interruptions – other than to give the little guy at the table behind us a wee wave as he drove his mummy and daddy nuts hanging over the booth! And I thought, “wonder what my munchkins are doing right now?” They’d LOVE this place with the waitresses cool outfits, they’d be having a wee bop to the music and would definitely have eyes like sauces when they saw the desserts! Yip it was kind of bitter-sweet.

3. One thing that I was really looking forward to about getting away was a lie in!!! You know what I mean?? Actually getting to lie in bed for a while when you first wake up and get out of bed when you decide. And I got it. No alarm clock. The clock did not say 7am! I woke up, lay like a starfish and dare I say it, relaxed?! Bliss. No mushing Weetabix for me this morning, no chopping fruit, buttering toast, washing porridge pans…..nope! It was a full Irish breakfast for me all I had to do was sit down and eat 🙂 That being said there was no, “Hi mum, how was your sleep?”, there was no little body climbing in beside me and kissing me on the lips whilst leaning on my eye, there was no smiles and squeals and kicks of excitement as if I’ve been gone for ages not just been asleep in the other room! Yip, it was kind of bitter sweet.

4. Our hotel had a swimming pool and spa – helllllooooooooo Jacuzzi!!!!!!!! A- MAZE – ING. Highlight of the Jacuzzi were the 2 signs that caught my eye – “Please keep swimsuit on when in sauna” and “No shaving in steam room” ?!?!?!?!?! Now….what???! WHY are these signs necessary?! Has something of this nature happened that had made the hotel make these signs?? Oh boy. It takes all sorts. Something else which caught my eye. were the prams/buggies and car seats all sat around the pool with babies/kiddies sitting in watching! Watching mum/dad swim, watching mum/dad in the Jacuzzi/steam room/sauna – not sure how much they could see of mum and dad when they’re in the steam room mind you?? But obviously they were safe enough, right?? I’m sure mum/dad knew exactly where their little cherub was and who was with them?! Maybe I’m over reacting. But COME ON. TAKE YOUR BABY INTO THE POOL WITH YOU I’M SURE THEY WOULD LOVE IT!!! I needed that rant – sorry. I know I’ve no idea the circumstances and I have no right to judge others and jeepers I am no perfect parent myself, but there were times at the weekend when I thought…..any chance of that child getting out of the car seat/buggy?! Yip, it was kind of bitter-sweet.

I also got to do a little retail therapy on Grafton Street when we were away….with no double buggy and 3-year-old to manoeuver in and around the shops, no endless dishings out of snacks to keep them occupied while I had a look around the clothes….but again, there were no little funny awkward moments when someone would point out the ‘man with no teeth’ in a very loud voice, or the lady with 3 babies (a lady who actually has NO babies, but instead has 3 large ‘mounds’ on her body, when I had a large mound on my body I was pregnant with L and J was told that it was a baby…I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourselves”)!!! Yip, it was bitter-sweet. I’d love to show you my new apron I got from Avoca when I was away, but husbandy is away with the camera….it’ll have to wait to another day.

So, yip I had my first little mini holiday…all 32 hours of it…and it was strange. While I had a ball I also was glad to get home to my honey’s. I missed them. I missed them a lot.

My hands are most definitely full with my 3, 2 and 1 year olds, BUT……..my heart is a whole lot fuller 😉 xxx

6 thoughts on “The joys of being able to pee alone……

  1. It’s funny how you long to have a weekend to yourself then when you do you end up thinking/talking about your kids lot of the time.


  2. oh I had a good giggle. Hot dinners – thing of the past. lol. I have on a few occasions driven to work having left the children at the child minders and realised half an hour into the journey I am still listening to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Jelly on the Plate’.


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