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And relax….

Hooray!!! Daddy’s home!!!!!!!!! Ok, so he was only gone for 3 days (2 nights) and yeah, when he’s at work I only have him around to help with the kids for 2/3 hours in the evenings anyway, but boy was it exhausting not having him around!! I AM POOPED. I have a new found respect for any single parent out there who does this day in day out. It is HARD work, even with having a partner in this journey it is hard work, but going it alone – even harder. I think the thing I missed the most was the real essence of having a partner – a helper, a support, another voice, another opinion.  But he is home and I can relax, (a little 😉 )

Just wanted to let you in a little on what we get up to around here, on a normal sorta day! Just to let you see a little of life in our world….and let you see we’re normal too!

This morning J asked for the play dough – out came the chocolate play dough, ocean play dough and black sparkly play dough. After they had played with it freely for a while and things were starting to get a little tetchy between the 3 of them, I decided to set them a challenge! J and S seem to thrive on anything that gets the title “challenge”! They were to make a town/village with the play dough, HappyLand characters and some cars.


They got stuck in. Little L was happy to put some play dough into her pink, sparkly bag and just carry it around the kitchen while pushing her buggy! The first thing J decided they needed was a road, next they added some grass and then S wanted trees, to which big brother said, “I don’t think we’ll have a tree but we might have a forest”! Poor wee S is lucky he managed to say tree, let alone forest! What seems like a fairly simple activity is promoting so many great skills needed for learning later in life – things like problem solving, thinking skills, creativity, imagination, fine motor skills and story telling, to name but a few 😉

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I’ve also been following my new menus this week. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that I’ve been working on our budget and one of the things that I am doing is making a monthly meal planner. At the moment it is still very much on a trial basis and I am trying some new recipes, I was getting into a bit of a cooking rut around here! Quite a few have asked for a wee peek at the planners and I thought I might be able to best do that by putting them on here! I have to say though, they really are nothing special – it is a work in progress, but hopefully as time goes on I’ll be able to show you our meal planners with pride, right now I’m showing you these while blushing!! They are included at the bottom of the blog!!

Today we were making Fish Pie and I had to move Eaton Mess to today as my cream was going to be out of date! Plus I thought it’d be a nice wee treat for Daddy coming home! Fish Pie and Eaton Mess are 2 of his favourites!!!! Eaton Mess is a great dessert for little ones to help you make – it keeps them busy, plus they can’t really get it wrong…what kiddiewinkle doesn’t want to be told, “yip, just break it all up and mix, mix, mix!”


Lastly I want to show you my BARGAIN £1 leggings/trousers/jeggings – not quite sure what to call them, but hey they were a £1 who cares what they’re called! They are kind of velvety – they feel super soft and I figure even if I only wear them today – they were only £1!! I threw on some fancy pants heels too – get me (?!) – wanted to remind husband he was coming home to a beauty! Ha! I even got a bit of slap on the bake too 😉 Here they are, the pic won’t show you them in their full glory, but you’ll get an idea! My shoes were a surprise pressie from a bestie!



Now…off to relax…..night y’all xx

Oh, and here’s our breakfast planner and our dinner planner:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Chilli con carne and pasta.  

Bananas and custard.

Baked potato with left over chilli – add cheese too. 

*Nigella treat





Super spaghetti and garlic bread.   

Fruit salad.



Fish Pie. 

*Nigella treat

Chicken Pasta Bake. 


Jelly and ice cream.



Homemade Pizza . 



Yoghurt and fruit.

Cauliflower cheese and sausages.  

Eton Mess


Week 2 Shepherd’s Pie.  

Yoghurt and fruit.







Chicken Casserole and Rice. 

*Nigella treat




Sausage, baked beans and chips. 

Fruit kebabs

Homemade Beef Burgers with corn on the cob. (netmums) 

*Nigella treat



Salmon, new potatoes and peas. 

Angel delight.



Homemade fish fingers and wedges. 

Gingerbread men

Roast Chicken Dinner. 

Baked apples.


Week 3 Chicken Potato Layer. 

Fruit salad.





Lasagne and salad. 

*Nigella treat




Lamb koftas with pitta bread and salad. 

Yoghurt and fruit

Sausage and tomato pasta. 

*Nigella treat

Cowboy chicken and cheesy mash.Oaty biscuit. Fish and chips. 

Hot banana pud.

Mediterranean Roast. 

Apple cumble and custard.



Week 4 Spag bol 

Yoghurt and Fruit.








Cowboy Casserole 

*Nigella treat


Pasta and sauce, garlic bread. 

Angel delight and strawberries.

Chicken and sweetcorn Pie.*Nigella treat. Baked potato with beans and cheese 


Take away Roast Beef dinner. 

Fruit trifle.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Bananas and maple syrup on muffin. Porridge with dried fruit and honey CerealYoghurtSmoothie WeetabixFruit Peanut butter and jam on toast Eggs and toast French toast
Week 2 Raisin toast fingers with cream cheese. Weetabix and fruit PancakesYoghurt Granola and yoghurt Cereal and Smoothie Eggs and toast Eggy bread
Week 3 Bananas and maple syrup on waffles Porridge with dried fruit and honey Peanut butter and toast with banana WeetabixFruit  Granola and yoghurt Eggs and toast Mini fry (grilled!!)
Week 4 Raisin toast fingers with peanut butter CerealFruit salad Banana muffinsYoghurtSmoothie WeetabixFruit Banana muffinsYoghurt Eggs and toast Pancakes

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