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Digging for treasure!

Sometimes being a mum who has been (and hopefully one day will be again!!) a teacher can be something of a bad thing!! There’s something inside you that is always a teacher, whether it be making sure everyone’s been to the toilet/got their coats/picked a partner before leaving on a trip, (including husband!) doing a mini risk assessment everywhere you go, being a little bit over protective at the park, or dare I say it ‘shushing’ people in a public place! A teacher I used to work with actually “sssssshhhhhed” a table when he was giving his grooms speech!! Ha!

One of the downsides is the need/desire to want to teach your kids. That can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing 😦 I don’t want my kids getting to school and being bored and therefore misbehaving or causing mayhem for their teacher. Nor do I want them to be one of those kids who’s constantly saying, “I know that story; I’ve done this before”, nothing drives a teacher more round the bend! Well, maybe possibly the parent who thinks their child is a genius!! Oh boy, I do not want to be one of those! Come on, we all think our child is brilliant, we do, and I am no exception, BUT let’s keep things in perspective!

So yeah, at times I have to reign myself in and step away from the learning objective. There’s a BIG part of me that wants to ‘teach’ Jonah and Seth letter names and sounds. And, there’s nothing really that wrong with doing that, but I don’t want to over kill. This evening we went about it in a playful way! I brought in the sand pit and hid their magnetic letters.


 I added a few of their diggers and dumper trucks and left it out as a wee invitation to play. As they were playing they would randomly come across a letter with great excitement and surprise – result!!! They were having fun and learning at the same time! Each time they found a letter I shouted out, “Hooray, you found a ….!!” After a while they were shouting out, “Hooray I found a …..” by themselves! They actually knew more of the letter names than I thought they would! I didn’t labour the names of the letters or get them to repeat them after me or anything…they simply played away with mummy throwing in some education along the way 😉


 I think we’ll keep this wee play activity set up all week and I’ll do different wee games with them as the week progresses – can you find the letters in your name? can you match the letters to the alphabet mat? can you find the letter ___?  we’ll sing the alphabet song as we go too. What are your thoughts on teaching your kids at home? I’d love to hear 🙂

2 thoughts on “Digging for treasure!

  1. You’re brave having a sandpit in the kitchen, I crack up when the girls eat a bun in the living room. …so many crumbs :-&


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