Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3

Hey y’all! Kids are sleeping, basket of ironing is eyeballing me and the laptop has won!!

Here’s some of what I’ve been rocking this week……

Last Saturday we went to the Festival of Flight in Newcastle, it was a really fantastic day out! The highlight was definitely the Red Arrows! They were just brilliant.

1173785_10150324153879957_1050669066_n 1174633_10150324153534957_1506751507_n

The inspiration for my outfit for our wee day trip came from here.


My white skinnies were in the wash, so I swapped in my pinkies! The weather seemed promising enough so I ventured out without a jacket too.


Hee hee! Excuse baby girl making a quick dash for it! Now that she has mastered walking, running is her next target!  Also, please note, my hair is not 2 different lengths on each side – have no idea what’s going on in this photo!! Ha!

J has noticed the random photo taking of mummy lately, and wanted to “show all the people” what he was wearing too, so check out my little cutie:


He would like to draw particular attention to his Gruffalo sandals – they are not shoes, they are sandals!!!

The other outfit I had on this week was perhaps more of cold Summer / transition into Autumn kind of outfit. I got my pinspiration from here


and wanted to add my own little pop of colour, my favourite colour – hot pink!




I was able to tolerate some heels as I had a bit of time to myself to go and get my eyebrows threaded and some yummy gel polish on my nails – can you make them out – a most fabulous purple!


please excuse my rather gross freakly hands. summer+me=freaklemania

I LOVE having my nails done, especially when I know they are going to last for more than just a couple of hours! Thanks Joanne.

And one last thing, this is what I am wearing today:


Now, I need some honest opinions, advice, ideas right here. These trousers were bought VERY MUCH on impulse, (Ha! Thanks Fiona 😉 ) She told me I could rock them…..I am not so sure!!! What you guys think?? Can a 31 year old mum of 3 rock a pair of trousers like these?? How would you wear them? Any style tips for me??

6 thoughts on “Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #3

  1. I love your style! And that purple nail polish is lovely!!
    LOL about your hair being two lengths in that pic, and your little one running past. Cute!


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