Definitely getting older…..


This week has seen our annual Holiday Bible Club, of which I have the joy of being in charge! And I really mean that, it is a joy….at times stressful….but definitely a joy. I have a wonderful team of helpers and a great God, who despite our failings and short comings still blesses us and takes care of the things that we forget! Here we are on the Wednesday and I AM BEAT. Totally punctured. Wrecked….could fall asleep as I type.

It’s been brill….really brill…..fab numbers of kids, fab fun, fab atmosphere and many blessings. But I am tired…..I first started doing Bible clubs when I was 18, I’m now 31….back then I went off for a week….did kids club in the afternoon, youth work at night, went to bed well after midnight, got up at 7am for 9 days and I never felt as tired as this!!! And this week I’m only doing it for 5 nights ONE club…..I am getting old. And it kinda sucks a wee bit. I’m not really ready to admit I’m getting old(er!!) I still see myself as 18. But then I see my own son sitting in amongst the kids and remember, “Oh yeah, you’re old”!!  When I see that some of my fellow leaders are the kids who sat on my knee in Sunday school when I was their teacher I remember, “Oh yeah, you’re old”!!!!

So, as I sit here with my caffeine boost in one hand to get me though this afternoon lull….I’m contemplating…..I’m realising I am in a new chapter…..a new season……and whilst I am very tired (I actually think my body is aching – must be all those actions to the songs)…..I wouldn’t change it, I wouldn’t want it any other way……..

2 thoughts on “Definitely getting older…..

  1. Love this. I can totally relate. It took me awhile to admit that I’m not as young as I thought I was but now I’m the first one to admit it (and I’m 32). I kind of like the release it brings by allowing myself to be older! 🙂 I miss the energy of my 20s but nothing else!


    1. I hear you – I like the release too that it brings being that little bit older! I no longer have to worry, quite so much about what people think, what I wear, how I look etc…..defo miss the energy, but like you say – not much else!


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