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Getting back into the swing of it!

Today was day 1 of my “Getting back into the swing of it” project! With both myself and hubster at home all summer, we’ve got all relaxed and laid back – letting the kids lie on in the morning/play in their bedrooms (for ages!!!!!) before getting breakfast, and lunch time before we were dressed; in the evenings we said yes to trips for ice cream, trips to the park and yes to wee family movie nights – heads not hitting the pillows to 10pm for my little brood! But, unfortunately September is just around the corner  and we need to get back to ‘normal’, not least because little J starts pre school on the 3rd and that will be the first time for 3.5years that I’ve ever had to be anywhere for 9am!!!!!  There’s no point trying to get back into routine the day it needs to happen, little body clocks etc need time to readjust 😉 So, today we have tried to gat back into the swing of it!

First thing that needed sorted was getting them out of bed 🙂 I have been getting up early for a while now, (as I mentioned before) so my body clock is getting into this wee habit nicely! Up I got a 630am (check out our little online encouragement here), got the coffee on (VERY important), a load of washing on and then cracked on with my quiet time. At 730am I went to wake the troops!! Little S was already awake, but was just lying cuddling his Mickey, J was out cold as was the little chicken – L 😉 After some eye rubbing, and some little groans, up they all got! We’re still using my breakfast planner for the month – which has been really useful I have to say – it has helped keep things interesting and not predictable and also helps the morning be more organised and less hectic!

Post breakfast, as those who follow me on Facebook will know, I usually have something set out for the kids to get stuck into while I clean/tidy the kitchen. This morning we were starting a little mini theme for the week – Down on the farm. So I had left out books on the sofa to encourage some independent book time and some jigsaws in another corner! S is our little jigsaw king!



When I had finished in the kitchen we headed to get ready! Again, I am wanting to get them back into a good wee routine of getting dressed. During the summer we had been pretty relaxed and had kinda got dressed as and when!! (Except of course on days when we were heading out for the day) J and S follow this routine in the mornings……..nice and simple for a 2 and 3-year-old 😉


I think it will become even more important for J and S to be able to dress themselves independently come 3rd September – especially on the days we have to take Daddy to work to allow me the car! Grrrrrroooannnnnn.

The kiddiewinks played by themselves for a while, while I got a few more housework done. I had left their farm in the hall to see if it inspired some small world play…….


Then we had a little story/music time : Today we read:


And sang, “Old McDonald, This little Piggy and Bouncing up and down on the big red tractor”. L got to lift the cuddly animal and say the sound for which animal was next on Old McDonalds farm – a good way for her to practice her words and sounds 🙂

Then they were invited to play with this little sensory tub: They did not need much encouragement!!!! It was funny to hear them use phrases from the story books as they played.DSCN3959



The last activity that I had planned for them today was to make felt pigs – I cut out all the shapes that they would need – demonstrated how to make it and then left them to it…….




Cute little piggies eh?? As you can guess I decided to go all out on the pigs today!! Tomorrow we’re going for sheep!!

We did this post dinner as a calming activity (?!) for bed. Like I said we are trying to get back into routine so it was all 3 in bed for 7pm. They each get a story with Daddy, then L goes down into her wee bed. J and S read some books together in their beds until 730pm then it is lights out!!

I’m writing this as hubster is out cutting the grass……I’m about to make the bathroom sparkle and shine (?!) and am AIMING to be in bed for 930pm…….630am comes early, right??!

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