Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #4

Saturday past saw me make it to the hairdressers for the first time in 12 MONTHS!!!!! And boy do I feel good! I got all those greys covered, a lot of the weight taken out of it and a foxy (HA!) new fringe 🙂 It goes without saying I look hot 😉 Ahhhh if only, but I at least feel a little better about myself…….

I read online the most ridiculous word, can’t for the life of me remember where to be able to appropriately source it, but the word was “fummer”…..they described it that transitional time between summer and fall, (so it was clearly American!) when we don’t quite know what to wear. It made me LOL a little, but at the same time it’s where I’m kind of at at the moment! “Fummer”. Hubster is back to work, J is about to start nursery, the hot, hot, hot sunny days appear to have gone, BUT I just can’t quite bust out my knew high boots JUST yet.

I did a massive big clear out of all the wardrobes in our house! I was ruthless!!!! Well, I was pretty useless with mine – I was taking the clothes to one of those “cash for clothes” places, AND I really want to buy some new clothes, sooooooooo I figured the more I threw out, the more pennies I would get, and therefore the more new things I could buy!!! I’m not sure Ben was buying into this – he was much more on the thought of clearing out in order to de-clutter……oooopssss!!!!

These are the things that are on my “wish list” as some new Autumn wardrobe essentials – leopard print shoes, a navy gilet, a navy and white striped top, a navy blazer and an oversized white shirt…..not too bad, right? These are the reasons why……cute casual. ready for fall!


Get Your Pretty On -

Fall winter

The boots are cute!

Some pretty cute outfits!!! So I’ll be going on my shopping spree soon with my VERY limited budget! Here’s hoping I have success!!!!

This week I’ve been wearing……..

denim and white   DSCN3979

outfit 2  outfit

Hope someone out there, found some inspiration – I have taken a wee thing for denim shirts as you can see!!! My long sleeved one I got in the teenage boys section of Tesco for £3 (?!?!?!) and my no sleeve one was a Primada (Ha!!) (I hope you all caught on that I meant Primark – otherwise – feel wick for me!!!) sale special!

On a totally different note I have just eaten an entire bag of Maltesers in the time that I was writing this!!! You know one of those “sharing” bags/pouches?? Yip, the WHOLE thing!! #greedychops

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