Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #5

Can I have a ‘Whoop, whoop’ for Friday AND a delivery of home heating oil!!!!!! It is a good day 😉 Autumn has well and truly arrived, there are signs of it everywhere and while I LOVE Summer …. I LOVE the thought of scarves, knee-high boots and crunching in leaves!!!

This week saw me make that cross over to knee-high boots and as I was just saying to some girls last night, once you cross that line there is no going back!! Now that I have the ‘school run’ I’m having to think about what I wear even more….we walk….so when you’re pushing a double buggy and trying to keep an eye on a very enthusiastic 3-year-old – you have gotta be practical and comfy….yet not too mumsy?!

These are 2 of the outfits I wore this week….I’d show you what I wore every day, but I’m pretty sure you’d soon get bored with that, so I’ve picked my 2 favourites


Was never too sure what to do with all that extra bit of belt….so tried this?!


I THINK it works?!






You can maybe already tell – these outfits weren’t inspired by Pinterest!!!! Ha!

Also I have to show you my 2 bargains – 2 pairs of shoes for £8 in the sales!!!!

These bad boys (appealing to my inner Bet Lynch!!) were £5 in the M&S sale –


I know they’ll not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I reckon with the right outfit, I’ll be loving them!

And then these were £3 in New Look


Still trying to figure how to rock the trainer wedge – but we’ll get there!

So, whatcha think??

Have you embraced the change in season yet, or are you still hanging onto summer for that little bit longer?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend – hubster is off tonight and tomorrow to his Bonsai society…..leaving me to a Friday night of ironing and rubbish TV 😉 Ah well….there’s always chocolate and tea to get me through!

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