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“Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down…..”

Wowzers – it is chilly!!!! My celebration for the delivery of oil was short-lived – our boiler has packed in 😦 Soooo thankful this evening for all those blankets Mrs. McKnight (work colleague at BCM) knit for my kiddies! I should say, the kiddies are not suffering – they are all wrapped up cosy tight in their wee beddies! Today I decided to go right ahead with welcoming Autumn – while J was out at pre school, S and L and I had a go at making some new play dough – cinnamon and coffee – super sensory experience! PLUS my kitchen smells amazing!


S and L are getting pretty good at the, ‘mixing it all up’ stage!


We added yellow food colouring to our cinnamon play dough and some red/yellow and black food colouring to our coffee play dough.

I set it out on an Autumn tray which we had received as a wedding present, some leaves which we had collected that morning and some basic play dough tool and let them play and create. S was big into making leaves/twigs/sticks  and L was big into moving one blob of play dough to another part of the room and then bringing it back again! She also went and got a few handbags and filled those with play dough too 😉 They played with the dough for almost a full hour…..sniffing it, pretending to have a wee nibble, poking and proding, making………

When J got home he was straight into it…..his big thing was singing “Autumn leaves are falling down” (to the tune of London bridge is falling down!) He tells me he made this song up?! I’m not so sure. He also made some autumn leaf pies, some leaf cupackes and a leaf cake.

We have packed it away in air tight containers, I am pretty sure it will get played with lots over the next few weeks.

I also wanted to share with you our Autumn Bucket List. I had already shared it on my Facebook page, but thought I would put it on here too, maybe someone will find it useful.

Our Autumn Bucket List…
* Picnic and walk in Tullymore Forest
* Homemade non alcoholic apple cider
* Bob for apples
* Leaf art
* Bake apple pies
* Carve / decorate pumpkins
* Rake up the leaves and jump in!
* Plant daffodil bulbs for next spring
* Decorate our fireplace for Autumn…
* Make pumpkin soup
* Make toffee apples
* Watch some fireworks (maybe at Seapark on 26th Oct!)
* Go to a Food and Garden market (Lisburn 2nd Nov)
* Autumn scavenger hunt (MountStewart)
* Decorate pinecones
* Make a scarecrow
* Fly a kite at the beach
* CastleWard Pumpkin Fest (12th Oct)
* Pumpkins and Potions at The Argory 26th Oct
* Celebrate Harvest
I’d love to hear if you have anything planned for Autumn, or do you have any traditions as a family? I’m hoping that having this list up on our fridge will remind us to fully appreciate the beauty of this season.

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