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Plans and schedules!

Evening folks – hard to believe it is Friday already! The weeks are really beginning to fly by! This morning while J was at pre school, me and S and L took ourselves off to Sprucefield for a wee browse and also for the Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning at Marks and Spencers and it has to be said we have a lovely wee morning – have had to keep it pretty hush mind you – J would not appreciate missing out on that wee treat! While we were there I also managed to pick up some Christmas presents for them – Boots have got their good old ‘3 for 2’ offers on, so I managed to pick up some lego and duplo – was a great wee bargain! L is getting to the stage where she just will not tolerate sitting in the buggy for long….she wants out to walk around….she wants out to look the toys…..hooray for raisins is all I can say!

This afternoon while the kiddos napped I made out my monthly meal planner for October….I have to say I am finding having a monthly planner so helpful – it helps me be more organised, less stressed AND I am saving money! I am also in the middle of fine tuning my cleaning routine! It has to be said I am not really into having a really clean house, I have some friends whose houses are always SO clean….they really put me to shame….I’m kind of a ‘the bare minimum’ sorta girl when it comes to cleaning the house! BUT, I also don’t like things to get too out of hand – so, I have a cleaning schedule which I find manageable!

Anyways, here’s my meal plan for October, hope someone out there finds it helpful….

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Beef enchiladas Chicken Curry (left overs from last month!) Quiche and salad Sausage and root veg bake with honey orange dressing Cheesy mince baked potatoes Asia salmon fillet Roast Chicken dinner.

Eton Mess

Week 2 Chicken and broccoli bake (using left over chicken from yesterday) Beef and root veg stew Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta, crusty bread. Lemon chicken. Beef wellington, cabbage and mash. Homemade fish goujons and wedges Pork chops, apple sauce, mash, roasts and veg.

Vanilla raspberry cheesecake

Week 3 Chicken cacciatore BBQ chicken and chorizo salad Baked cod wrapped in bacon with rosemary. Beef and ale pie. Griddled lamb chops and chunky homemade salsa. Marmalade glazed sausage baps Roast Beef dinner.


Week 4 Mini shell pasta with creamy smoked bacon and pea sauce Normandy chicken Homemade pizza and wedges. Twice baked potatoes. Chicken fajitas Beef and stilton mini pies and chips Salmon with green beans and pesto, baby potatoes and roasted veg.

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