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Wardrobe Challenge!

Another week has passed of my wardrobe challenge! I have to say I wasn’t as keen on my outfits last week and some items have made it into the charity bag! Let me know what you think! Hanger 1 – Patterned cardigan from Debenhams – Wasn’t sure whether I could get away with his cardi… Continue reading Wardrobe Challenge!

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A day in the life……….highlights!

Good Afternoon everyone! (Saying that takes me right back to 3pm in school and a classroom full of pupils desperate for the bell to go and for me to say those magic words!!) I can’t believe it is Friday already! This week has just flown by! And I had great intentions of doing “A day… Continue reading A day in the life……….highlights!

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A day in the life of….

Hello there. Yesterday I was telling you that I was planning on taking part in a little blog land fun and here we are…the first post! Kerry over at The Winding Road has set up a little blog hop where we each share what a typical day is like in each of our own little… Continue reading A day in the life of….

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Wardrobe challenge!

Sooooooooooo, last weekend I had set myself the challenge of trying to sort out my wardrobe – I need a clear out, I’m really bad at throwing things away and am a bit of a hoarder. So, to help, I have decided to just wear the next thing that is on the hanger – if… Continue reading Wardrobe challenge!

Art and Crafts

Autumn tea lights.

This week has seen a couple of really yukky days in terms of weather – we got TOTALLY soaked walking home from pre school!!! On one of those dark, wet afternoons while baby sister was sleeping J and S and me got stuck into making some little lanterns! They are really simple and cheap to… Continue reading Autumn tea lights.

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!!

Evening everyone. I just want to share with you some wee pics from our fab day at Pumpkin Fest in Castle Ward…if you have never been be sure to keep in mind for next year! It was a really lovely family day out and we made lots of lovely memories right in the middle of… Continue reading Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!!

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Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #7

Afternoon folks! Kids are asleep, hubster is out cutting grass and trimming hedges and I’m loafing in the living room with a cuppa and the laptop trying to avoid tidying the kitchen – it is such a mess!!!! This morning I was feeling all motivated about doing some tidying and cleaning and organising and now… Continue reading Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #7

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Church with 3 young kids….

So, I’ve been thinking. And thinking and praying and thinking. This has been on my mind for quite¬†some time now and was sparked again by the article that is all over Facebook at the minute! I have been wrestling with it, struggling with it, talking about it, praying about it, studying God’s word on it….church… Continue reading Church with 3 young kids….

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A day in the life of Mrs. Making Memories!

I get lots of messages and emails asking me what a typical day looks like for me….so here we go, here’s a very simple, ‘Day in the life of Mrs.Making Memories!! Trust me, it ain’t that exciting!! 620am – Alarm goes. Washed and dressed. 630am – Up to kitchen, kettle on, maybe a wash on/empty… Continue reading A day in the life of Mrs. Making Memories!