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A day in the life of Mrs. Making Memories!

I get lots of messages and emails asking me what a typical day looks like for me….so here we go, here’s a very simple, ‘Day in the life of Mrs.Making Memories!! Trust me, it ain’t that exciting!!

620am – Alarm goes. Washed and dressed.

630am – Up to kitchen, kettle on, maybe a wash on/empty the dishwasher/load the tumble dryer.

630club  If you haven’t already check out 630Club on Facebook.

Coffee and bible in hand – time with God.

715am – Go and put on light in kids bedrooms  – sometimes they get up and have a wee play in their rooms, sometimes they just lie and doze.

Make breakfast.

730am – We all have breakfast together with a thought/verse for the day. Pray together.

800am – Get kids dressed.

Put my face on (!) Sort hair – make myself presentable!

1378330_10150336028314957_1496151064_n  This is me today!

(815am – Some mornings, if I want the car we leave now to take hubster to work)

845am – Walk J to pre school.

910am – L and S play either independently or with the little ‘invitation to play’ that I have left out for them.


Today S and L were playing with stacking, I’ve outline some learning points on my facebook page.

I tidy the kitchen, sort out the wash that was put on earlier.

930am – Story/rhyme/singing/music with S and L.

10.00am – They play independently again while I get snack ready/ play alongside them.

10.30am – Snack time.

11am – I normally have some play activity set up for them – maybe art / sensory play / play outdoors.

(There are of course some mornings when we head to mums and tots/out to the shops/play dates etc….)

1145 am – Go to collect J from pre school.

1210am – All 3 play with either the activity from earlier or outside while I make lunch.

1230pm – Lunch.

1pm – Story time with all 3.

130pm – Nap time for all 3. Some days J doesn’t sleep but does a ‘quiet’ activity instead. While they nap, I take some time to myself, work on the blog/facebook page and do some housework.

3pm – J will normally get up and him and I will do something together.

Today we baked some brown sugar cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing!

1382107_10150336027944957_230542283_n    988717_10150336028054957_255549210_n

4pm – S and L normally wake up.

On the days we have the car, we go and pick Daddy up from work, on other days, I give them an activity to do in the kitchen while I prepare dinner. This type of activity is normally something that works on their fine motor skills.


5pm (ish!)  We all sit down together and have dinner. We also do a LOT of chatting about our day…..we really try to encourage this, as I want it be something that is ‘normal’ for when they are older and aren’t really up for chatting about their day!

Tonight we had Chicken Korma…..Lately at dinner, I’ve let it take the style of a buffet – to allow J and S to serve themselves – it seems to be working – they are eating more now than they ever have and are more willing to try new things!!

6pm – Hubster will usually play with the kids while I tidy up the kitchen (again!!)

630pm – Bedtime routine begins (baths/tidy up)

7pm – Story time.

730pm – Lights out.

Depending on what needs done, I will do another little bit of housework. Then relax with hubster / head out. I TRY to be in bed by 10pm so that I’m not toooooo tired for the next day.

Hope that helps someone out there!! I find being organised and having a wee rough plan for the day in my head really helps!

PLEASE NOTE!!!! That this is my AIM for my days, believe me there are many days when this goes right out the window and when hub asks me when he comes home, “So, what did you guys do today?” All I can answer is, “Well, we survived!”

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