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Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #7

Afternoon folks! Kids are asleep, hubster is out cutting grass and trimming hedges and I’m loafing in the living room with a cuppa and the laptop trying to avoid tidying the kitchen – it is such a mess!!!!

This morning I was feeling all motivated about doing some tidying and cleaning and organising and now I am shattered – should have paced myself! We all went outside to tidy up the outdoor toys and give them a good clean. The kids LOVED it. And now I feel accomplished. I also had a look in our bedroom. I have already done a very recent clear out of clothes BUT on reflection this morning I need to do another! So, I have set myself a challenge. I am going to see if I do actually wear everything that is in my wardrobe / see if it still ‘works’ / see if I can style up some pieces, and, if they don’t make the grade, they are getting chucked! I am going to work through my wardrobe as each piece comes to me, if that makes sense (?!) – no jumping over a piece/deciding I don’t like it that day, I HAVE to wear whatever item is next. I am looking forward to the challenge! I will try to post wee pictures up here and would REALLY appreciate your input – tell me – no way Karen – BIN IT!!!!! Or, yeah it looks good, keep it! Or maybe, you’d like to join me in the challenge?! I think it could be fun and beneficial!

I am having REAL issues with uploading pics today! So, I’m afraid if you want to see my 3 favourite outfits from this week, you’ll have to click on these links to my instagram! Sorry!!!!!!

My p’inspiration came from here:

So me.

Ugg Australia  Boots

I LOVE my UGG boots, which Dad kindly brought home from me when he was away with work! They are so cosy and warm and comfy, although sometime I think they can look a bit frumpy / untidy! And what really puts me off them is when you see a girl in them and they’re all like lop sided at the soles – do you know what I mean?? (P.S. This is NOT me – this is an image from google! I searched for ugly ugg boots and this is what came up!!!!!)

Off now, to try to achieve something worthwhile this avo – am excited about my first outfit challenge tomorrow – hope there’s something decent on the first hanger!!!!!!!

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