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Autumn tea lights.

This week has seen a couple of really yukky days in terms of weather – we got TOTALLY soaked walking home from pre school!!! On one of those dark, wet afternoons while baby sister was sleeping J and S and me got stuck into making some little lanterns! They are really simple and cheap to make, yet look really lovely on the fireplace – and the boys are SO PROUD!!

All you needs is:

jam jars

pva glue

tissue paper

I let the 2 boys work away at this completely independently.

Step 1. Coat the jam jar in pva glue and tissue paper.




Once the jars are covered in tissue paper, put on a final layer of pva glue and leave to dry.


Here they are finished! It was really hard to get a good picture! But I am so please with the end results – lovely Autumn colours dancing in our living room!



Tomorrow I hope to give you a little update on how my wardrobe challenge is going!!!! Off out on a wee date with my wonderful husband this evening! Bought a new dress to wear – £5 – bargain! Hope it looks good!

6 thoughts on “Autumn tea lights.

  1. Very atmospheric, they did a good job with the jars. You may have started something….I’m off to see if I’ve any empty jars.


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