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Wardrobe challenge!

Sooooooooooo, last weekend I had set myself the challenge of trying to sort out my wardrobe – I need a clear out, I’m really bad at throwing things away and am a bit of a hoarder. So, to help, I have decided to just wear the next thing that is on the hanger – if I don’t like it, it gets chucked! It has been a fun challenge to date and I am kind of enjoying it! It takes the stress/decision out of what to wear each day, as I HAVE to wear whatever is next in the wardrobe. Now, by that I mean – I take the next thing (top/cardigan/shirt etc..) and match it up. I started last Saturday evening. I don’t think I am chucking anything out this week!!! Some of these, well actually ALL of these pictures are RARE!!!!! Very embarrassing! I am definitely no pro with the camera! Ha!

Hanger 1 – white jumper!

Paired it up with a white cami underneath, with black jeans and my leopard print heels – was heading out for a wee girlie night at my sisters!



Oufit 2 – used same white jumper again, as it was still smelling fresh ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today we were off to the Pumpkin Fest so, I teamed it up with the black skinnies again, knee high boots, my coral pleather jacket and a neutral scarf!


Hanger 2 – brown maxi shirt. Monday is our ‘Mums and Tots’ morning. And, I was thinking, Oh boy, I am going to be so over dressed in a skirt. So, I tried to keep it casual – black top, denim jacket and leopard scarf! Got away with it ok and was able to negotiate the skirt just fine chasing after my 2 kiddies ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh, forgot to mention my little ankle boots!


Hanger 3 – baseball tee! This is a top which MAY go! It has kinda lost its shape a little. Although I love it on a casual day. Decided to go for a pink and grey day – grey cami, pink and grey snood, pink and grey jewellery! Sooooo comfy today!


Ha! Look at the mess of baby girls bedroom in these pics!!!!!


Hanger 4 – black, floral sleeveless top! Made more Autumn like with layers!

DSCN4345 DSCN4346

Ok, so next pics are BLURY BLURY – apologies!

Hanger 5 – plain red long sleeved top. Added a statement necklace, green blazer, skinnies and my other Red Fly Boots!

DSCN4363 DSCN4364

Hanger 6 – white lace dress!!! Aggggghhhhh! My first thoughtย was nightmare – it’s Autumn, how can I get away with this!!! But, committed to the challenge and embraced it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Teamed it up with my fav – navy! AND bust out the trainer wedges – which are growing on me! Although felt somewhat chicken legged in this outfit!

DSCN4369 DSCN4370 DSCN4373

Now, I have a confession…….Saturday night was a date night for us…..so……..I broke the challenge!!!!!! I was out on Saturday morning in Primark and spotted this dress for ยฃ5 and just could not leave it behind! It has a little nod to the fashion trend of leather this season too in the sleevesย – I LOVED it! Also got some new sparkly shoes which L just LOVES!!!!!!! (Please excuse the redness showing through *how embarrassing!* but it was the flash’s fault, it was not visible in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


So, there we have it, week 1 of my wardrobe challenge complete! I have to say, I’m enjoying it! Sad, or what?! Is that what staying at home does to ya?!?! Ah well, it’s the simple things!!!! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend everyone. This week I’m taking part in a wee blog land bit of fun……..each day, we’re to post up a ‘Day in the life of’…..more about that tomorrow! Happy Sunday everyone xx

14 thoughts on “Wardrobe challenge!

  1. Want some of my thoughts? Sure you do, lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Disregard any view(s) you don’t like. haha
    The leapord heels are fabuous and I think they go really well with that first outfit.
    The skirt is lovely and makes you look taller (of course, I have no idea how tall you are, but it does make you look taller in relation to other outifts.)
    Your comfy day outfit is my favorite! That “snood” (the scarfy thing?) looks awesome and theboots go with the outfit great. I’d probably switch the shirt for one with some color next time, though.
    The white lace dress with darker legs makes your legs look even skinnier than normal, so I would not wear that again, as I don’t think it’s very flattering.
    And Ooh, I love the new date night dress! You are lovely even with red eye! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Oooooooo Valerie – I LOVE it when someone comments with genuine comments!!!! (If that makes sense!!!) Thank you for taking the time to do so! Sooooooo….I LOVE your thoughts. I think the top/shirt from the comfy outfit has to go! I agree – that outfit needs more colour! I also love my snood! Very snuggly. Defo appreciate the thoughts on the white dress/dark legs – I just knew it didn’t work or flatter – so thank you for that! I totally appreciate it. Not a winner….maybe should just keep the white dress for summer??
      Ha! the date night dress IS a keeper ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I actually love hanger 1 (especially the necklace), hanger 2 (really love this skirt) and hanger 6. I think it goes really well with the shoes ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Here is my genuine comment ;)…I love them all! Seriously, I wish you lived nearby so you could help me make super cute outfits out of my stuff. Even if I went along with your challenge, I don’t think I’d have the creativity to come up with those cute things. You could totally make a business out of this…help moms style themselves out of what is in their closets!


    1. Awh you are just too sweet! I am totally laughing though as I am sooooo not good at putting outfits together – I always look at other people and think how amazing they look and wish I had THEIR style! But I appreciate your kind words of encouragement! Here’s hoping the rest of my outfits work as well ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Karen you are AMAZING. I have never been on your blog before and it came up on facebook just now so took a look. I would love to know where you get your energy from? This outfit section is brilliant. I would love you to sort my wardrobe for me. What a brilliant idea to clear your wardrobe. I will be keeping an eye on your blogs from now on when I get time to get on the laptop. You are an inspiration to all mums out there and I can see you have a house full of fun. Keep up the good work. xGail


    1. Auch Gail you have made my night!! I have no idea who you are, but if I did I would hug you next time I saw you! What a lovely, lovely comment to read at the end of the day. Gosh, you are so, so kind. Thank you so much for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. It means so much, because let me tell you, I do not feel amazing!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, it really means a lot. xxx


      1. Karen, its Gail (carols sister). You are amazing. I wish I had your imagination! And energy!! Looking forward to your next wardrobe blog!! Think you could definitely make a career out of helping others declutter their wardrobes starting with me and my sister(ehh carol!! Love all the wee games you do for the kids. They are so imaginitive! Think you could do a great wee tv show for all parents!! I would definitely watch it!! Keep up the good work. Gailx


      2. Auch Gail – hello!!!! Thank you so much!! You are a laugh!! I’d LOVE to make a career out of something like that – imagine the fun!! Lol! You and Carol have great style, don’t think you need my help! Ha ha, imagine a wee TV show!!


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