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Hello there. Yesterday I was telling you that I was planning on taking part in a little blog land fun and here we are…the first post! Kerry over at The Winding Road has set up a little blog hop where we each share what a typical day is like in each of our own little worlds. I know I have done a post something similar to this before, so hopefully I won’t bore anyone out there!! Here’s how out Monday went – I’m not going to go into too much detail and I am going to simply use a photo for some of the days moments!! But hopefully it’ll give you a wee insight into life with Making Memories in the Chaos.

620am – my delightful phone alarm went off – I’ve said before that I have it across the room so that I have to get up! I still do – it works – purely for the fact that I don’t want it waking the little ankle snappers! Out of bed and up into the kitchen – grabbed a coffee, loaded up the washing machine and then settled down for some quiet time with God.


7am – Went and turned on the lights in J,S and L’s bedrooms – I like to give them a little time to wake up before breakfast! I find it helps them eat it better! Seriously. They are then properly awake and eat it without me having to say, “hurry up J”, “keep going S”, or “L, L, wakey wakey!” Ha!

720am – We had breakfast with Batman and Iron Man – they slept in their costumes last night!



Monday’s we go to a ‘mums and tots’ group so we have to leave the hubster to work…..so we leave the house at 815am.Β  There isn’t any point in us coming home again after leaving him off at work as we pass pre school on the way home, so we just hang out in the car and pass the 10 mins listening to some of thisΒ fine stuff (!?!?!) which then gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day – what joy!


We get back home again for around 910am. I tidied the kitchen and sorted the laundry while L and S did some colouring.


950am – Into the car again to be at tots for 10am

Tots was over at 1130 (ish!), we collected J from pre school at 12 noon and then picked up some fresh wheaten from the bakery for lunch…….yum!


After lunch the kiddies played by themselves for a little while – J was back into his Iron Man costume, and S and L were busy with the dolls – taking them for walks, feeding them and then having races with the buggies!

We then had some stories before nap time for all 3 at around 130pm. I knew J would need a good nap today too as he had missed his nap on both Saturday and Sunday and also had had a late night on Saturday night too! And I was right all 3 slept from 130 – 330pm today. While they slept I ironed!! Yip, for 2 hours straight I ironed! The other half hour was spent with a coffee!!!!



Not long after they got up we had to go and collect daddy from work. Which was great as it meant then, that he could play with them while I cracked on with dinner.

We usually eat dinner around 5pm in our house. Tonight’s passed off relatively peacefully too which was nice πŸ˜‰


After dinner we made some “Pumpkin Face” biscuits πŸ™‚




Then hubster likes to do baths with the kids – I have hardly ever bathed our kids, which I kinda feel a little sad about, but I do get to spend all day every day with them, so I can’t really complain. It’s their wee special time together at the end of the day. He has done it since they were about 6 weeks old – he wasn’t too keen when they were just brand new!

Bedtime tonight was around 7pm – I did L’s wee bedtime story while hub did stories with J and S. Lights were off around 730pm.

I’m now checking emails/facebook/blog posts and writing this πŸ™‚ Once I’m all done here, I plan to have a nice long soak in the bath and be all tucked up for 930pm….what a granny mush! Ha!

Tomorrow is a day at home for us – so I’m planning a few wee play ideas with the kids – you can check out how they go with me tomorrow night!

6 thoughts on “A day in the life of….

  1. The little years are so sweet and fun! How neat that daddy does bathtime! I’m going to be joining in on the “a day in the life” posts this week also (on my teaching blog). πŸ™‚


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