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A day in the life……….highlights!

Good Afternoon everyone! (Saying that takes me right back to 3pm in school and a classroom full of pupils desperate for the bell to go and for me to say those magic words!!) I can’t believe it is Friday already! This week has just flown by! And I had great intentions of doing “A day in the life” post every day and here we are at the end of the week and I am only doing my second one!

Winding RoadKerry over at the Winding Road had set up this little bloggy fun and I feel bad that I have not fulfilled my commitments -apologies – life kinda got in the way! This avo I’m going to share with you some highlights from each of the days this week and hopefully that will help you build up a bit of a picture of our typical week.

So I left you on Monday night…..Tuesdays are normally our day at home – we are a 1 car family and so, if I want / need the car we need to leave the hubster to work. Tuesdays we generally don’t have anything on. Our mornings therefore can be a little less go, go, go as we don’t need to be leaving the house until 850am to walk up to playschool – that extra 35 mins really does make such a difference! I let the kiddies have an extra 15mins in bed (whoop! ha!), it actually is more for my own benefit to be honest….an extra 15mins of me time in the mornings goes a long way! Tuesday morning we had one of our favourite breakfasts – peanut butter and banana and honey on toast! It’s a pretty nutritious, healthy breakfast too! I was first introduced to this on my first trip out to Uganda and have LOVED it ever since! We also made some smoothies that morning too 🙂


After leaving J up to playschool, S and L and I got stuck into some play. They LOVE water play – especially S my 2 year old – he’s forever sneaking into the bathroom at the minute and causing mayhem….so this morning I decided to channel it! I set up a little water table activity – monster inspired – orange coloured water, with googly eyes and various spoons, jugs, cups etc to play with! It turned out that they played with this ALL day (on and off!!) J loved it too! They had great fun and also practised some great skills too – vocabulary – full/empty/float/sink/almost/nearly, some mathematical skills there too, some fine motor skills and gross motor skills and some imaginary play – whoop! I played along with them in the morning, but then they just played independently with it throughout the day – hello lots of wet clothes!!!!!!!



S decided to added in the tops/lids because they were also orange!

I like to get the kiddies outside every day as much as possible – Tuesday was a great day for splashing in puddles and spotting Autumn!




just before midday we’re off again to pick up J from pre school – S and L were NOT amused at having to go into the buggy – they REALLY wanted to stay and play, as I’m sure my neighbours could tell you! Wow, toddlers can shout 😉

Home from pre school – all 3 played outside while I made lunch – chaos on the trampoline!


And then it was nap time – aka time for me to catch up on housework!

Wednesday is our day for seeing Granny (my mum) – her and I and the kids have done something almost every Wednesday since J was 2 weeks old – so I guess it is kinda tradition! It is the highlight of the kids week. This week, I took S and L to mums and tots in our church and then mum took me, J,S and L and my sister out for a birthday lunch! My birthday is 24th October and my little sisters is 25th October – so we had a double celebration!

Wednesday evening I took a whopper of a migraine – so went to bed at 8pm and slept right though to 630am – oh yes indeedy!!!! And Thursday morning – I felt good!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite the fact I was turning 32 that day! THIRTY TWO?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????? I remember when I was 16/17 thinking someone at 32 was pretty old and mature – now that I’m there I don’t feel that old or that mature!

Thursday – my birthday – so not really a typical kind of day! Again we normally don’t have the car on a Thursday so we normally organise a wee play date. This Thursday however, I just wanted to hang out with my babies at home. We made buns, watched Disney movies, danced, had a little mini birthday party that evening. I got spoilt rotten – breakfast in bed, lots of lovely pressies, Chinese, cake, and loads and loads of kisses and cuddles. The day was pretty perfect I have to say. And bless their wee cotton socks – J must have told me a thousand times, “You’re beautiful mummy” and “I love you”, S didn’t throw a terrible two’s tantrum the whole day and L giggled and found me utterly hilarious the whole day!

(Also on Thursday we got a very exciting delivery in the post – more on that next week!)

And here we are Friday afternoon and I’m not quite sure where this week has gone………

This morning we took Daddy to work…. I like to have a wee browse around Sprucefield on a Friday morning – there’s a new Next opened up with a fab coffee shop – if you live locally it is worth a wee visit! I treated myself to a wee cappuccino and muffin and L and S had some milk and cookies, but sssssssssssssh don’t tell J – he would be mad!! It was lovely. We did some people watching  from the windows of the coffee shop and some “BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS”!!!!!! watching too!

Right now the kids are all napping……bliss – bring on MORE coffee and some yummy chocolate birthday treats! After nap time we are making hedgehogs – J made the cutest wee hedgehog at pre school and now S and L want one too – we have been reading a story about “The Prickly Hedgehog” at bedtime this week – J is learning about hibernation in school and what kind of teacher/mummy would I be if I did not reinforce this learning at home (?!) The story is all about a little family of hedgehogs and mentions lots of wonderful autumn things!  Here’s the little guy J made –


Super cute, right?? I can’t wait to make a little family of them!

Gosh, this was a long post, if you’re still reading – fair play! Hope I haven’t put you off reading any further posts!!! Off now to make up some brown paint and cut out some hedgehog faces!

Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone xx

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