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Wardrobe Challenge!

Another week has passed of my wardrobe challenge! I have to say I wasn’t as keen on my outfits last week and some items have made it into the charity bag! Let me know what you think!

Hanger 1 – Patterned cardigan from Debenhams – Wasn’t sure whether I could get away with his cardi just on its own or not – added the pink top underneath to bring out the pink in the cardigan – BUT think maybe it doesn’t look just right?! Anyway, was a comfy outfit for a day at tots!



Hanger 2 – turquoise ‘Pineapple’ top. Hubster had brought me this home when he was on a wee trip in to the summer in England. Have to be honest and say I wouldn’t have picked it myself – but love wearing it because he loves me wearing it!! Ha! Had to add a long sleeved top underneath – was feeling a little chilly! Day at home = head scarf and zero make up!



Hanger 3 – denim shirt – LOVING my denim shirt this Autumn. This wee outfit was inspired from a picture I’d seen on pinterest.


Hanger 4 – stripy jumper – paired it up with denim shirt from yesterday and added a pop of pink on the bottom half, with new birthday shoes – thanks mum!!! This was another wee outfit inspired from pinterest!


Now, this is the hanger that has since made it into the charity bag!!! Royal blue cardi from M&S. I got this cardigan last year and have never really loved it!! I think I’m just not sure how to match it up to make it look good! Here I’ve got a white top and lovely new scarf (again for my birthday – thanks  Jean!!), faithful blue jeans and heels! BUT I wasn’t loving it! Anyone any ideas??? Or will I just bin it?


Hanger 6 – Another top that MAY make it into the charity bin! LOVE the colour and LOVE the collar BUT it buttons up the back AND they don’t stay in!!! Paired it up with some navy trousers and  nude heels.


Hanger 7 – VERY old black polo neck jumper dress – accessorised with tans – boots/bag/ring/ear rings. Think it too will have to go in the charity bag – quite old looking 😦


Last hanger for this week – my desigual skirt which I REALLY do LOVE!!!!!! I love the colours, it is sooooooo comfy and yes it just screams primary school teacher, right?!? Ha! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea perhaps, but for me it is definitely a keeper 😉 As I move through the wardrobe I can see some of my teacher clothes appearing – can I make them work for a yummy mummy or do they just scream – TEACHER!!!!!!! We’ll see………………


8 thoughts on “Wardrobe Challenge!

  1. Glad you like the scarf. I saw it and thought its so Karen! I think I may need to go through my wardrobe-I’ve had some things for years.


  2. You are so adorable! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you’re keeping it real by posing in front of the toys on the floor. Awesome. If I did a wardrobe photo shoot, it would look like the same pair of jeans I wear almost every day (except laundry day) and a different top. Not nearly as put together as you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m following you now. 🙂


    1. Oh boy, you are right I’m keeping it real 😉 I had thought I really should make the place seem a little more tidy and organised – but then thought, nah – not worth that effort! I was loving your blog this afternoon, it gave me lots of smiles!!! Glad to have you here…I’ll be following you too 🙂


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