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He is My Light!

Over on my Facebook page I had shared a little about my plans for a “LIGHT” party at our church. I had heard of different churches organising “Fall Festivals” and “Trunk or Treat” parties and I wanted to do something as an alternative to the usual Hallowe’en activities for families in our church. So, we went for a “He is my Light” party. It was a family event for all ages and was only for an hour and a half – I decided to go small since it was our first year! I asked for some help for ideas from my lovely followers on Facebook and came up with a VERY simple programme for the night.

Now, this post is going to be terribly boring and probably not all that helpful, as on the night I did not take a SINGLE PHOTO! Nope, not one! I am raging. I was too busy flapping about! But, I will do my best to describe what we did and hopefully it will give you guys some ideas for next year!!!

First things first – the name of the event! Harder than you might think! I wanted something that portrayed the message of the evening – that in this dark world we have a light and a hope that is greater than no other. We then sent out some little fliers to members of our church and also into the local primary school – and we had a great turnout on the night. I was thrilled to see our hall full of families, some new, some familiar and of course all the regulars 😉  It was lovely to experience fellowship and fun together.

We had set up 6 stations around the hall which the families worked through:

1. Making chocolate apples – pretty sure I don’t have to go into too much detail here 😉

2. Making a Pumpkin Poster – we had a pumpkin to colour, with heart-shaped eyes, a cross for a nose and a little fish for the mouth. The kids assembled this on an A4 sheet of card, with a banner title – “Shine with the Light of Jesus” and then a little poem:

“Let me shine with the Light of Jesus,

Let my eyes see the beauty all around.

Never let me turn up my nose to others,

And let my mouth share the good news that I have found”

3. Face painting. I will also say at this point we had set a “HERO” theme for costumes!

4. Good old traditional bobbing for apples.

5. Little pumpkin tea lights – kids painted a glass jar and we popped a little tea light inside.

6. Pumpkin carving – we let the kids draw their design on the pumpkin and then we cut them out.

The activities ran or around 1 hour and it was lovely to see all the families working and chatting and laughing together.

Then we had a bit of supper – our minister had got for us a lovely cappuccino machine, so we had lovely coffee and hot apple pie and fresh cream. The kiddies had oranges – with faces drawn on them to look like pumpkins and some chocolate treats.  We turned out the lights in the hall and light all our carved pumpkins and the tea lights, it was really beautiful.  During supper we had a short talk on the theme “He is my Light” – with various things which give off light – torches/head lamps/lamps/matches/lanterns etc….we talked about sharing God’s love with others – using some glitter to help us! Glitter is lovely and sparkly and reflects light, when we have some on us, we can very easily spread it to others! Then we gave the kids a glow stick to take home to remind them to shine for Jesus and they also got a little paper light switch cover to put in their bedrooms which would remind them that Jesus is the Light of the world and how we are to take Him with us wherever we go. (There was a lot more depth to the talk than just this, but I won’t patronise you with that!)

I hope this makes sense and is of some help to someone out there. We had a really great night and it is definitely something which we will build upon next year. Have any of you been to a light party at your church? Maybe you could share some ideas with us too? I’d LOVE to hear what you’ve been up to.

Off now to enjoy a wee Chinese and film with the hubster…..this week of half term has gone much too quickly.


2 thoughts on “He is My Light!

  1. Just read this. Such wonderful ideas and the message spread so clear and simple. Sounded like a wonderful evening 🙂


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