Wardrobe Challenge!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Seems like Winter is on its way this week, eh? I’ve been all about the warmer coats, scarfs and gloves and have even bust out a hat! (if I’m honest though it was more to hide the greasy hair than keep out the cold!) The wardrobe challenge continued this past week and  a few items got chucked! A couple of items went straight from the hanger to the bin bag! 1 got tried on, worn for the day, but after washing will be in the bin bag! I’m also going to have to work through my shoes and scarfs too as I do this, as I have far too many shoes to ever wear and far too many scarfs and nowhere to store them! These are the outfits from the week …..

Hanger 1 – green and white stripe top. I’m loving my white skinnies this Autumn, normally I would never wear white skinnies past summer – but this year I must be feeling adventurous! Ha! White vest top underneath, with tan spotty scarf, large tan handbag, tan watch and tan boots!


Hanger 2 – confession!!!! NEW CLOTHES! Went shopping with my birthday money and bought this little outfit all from H&M. The jumper is sooooooooo soft and warm! The scarf is a pale pink with white star pattern. I also added one of those ‘stackable’ rings that seem to be all the rage! I LOVE jewellery so any excuse to buy something new!! The jeans – was feeling brave! They are dead comfy on! Actually ended up wearing this outfit 2 days straight as it was so comfy!


Hanger 3 – checked shirt….blur blur blur!! Sorry! This was on Tuesday (one of our walk to school days!) so I needed layers – hoody, pale pink kids nike gilet, hat (!) I don’t really do hats! Please note that random bulge on the left is not a huge muffin top overflow!!!!


Wore the checked shirt another day – was still fresh enough 😉 Need to cut down on my tumble drying!! Paired it up with some stripes – think I got away with it – it’s not too much is it?


Hanger 4 – navy and white stars top! mmmmmmm I’m undecided on this top – it’s kind of a short belly button skimming top – not so good for the mummy tummy!! Layers again as we were walking this morning! I also added on the pink gilet again.


Hanger 5 – pink ‘GEEK’ top – this is me today! Totally slobbing it up – hubster away at conference in Belfast – me and the kids are having a relaxing Saturday! Would normally have tried to dress this top up a bit, BUT for a day lying about the house I went for a white long sleeved top underneath and some super comfy charcoal sweats!


I’ve had a wee sneak peak at some of the hangers coming up – some work clothes are on the cards!!!! Nightmare! How will I make those work for a stay at home mum day? I think they will be getting tossed as I also think they will be too big! Somehow having kids made me loose weight?!

Leave a wee comment and let me know what you think! I LOVE hearing from you 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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