I’m still here……

Hey there….it’s been a while…..truth be told it’s for 2 reasons – I have been super hectic busy and also super tired in the evenings! So sorry, bare with me, hopefully I’ll get back on track again soon.

I have also deliberately been trying to cut back a bit too. I am one of those people who are typically go, go, go! My pinterest boards are full of things I want to try out, my diary is busting with things that I want to do with the family this Christmas, but I want to slow down. I NEED to slow down. I want to rest, find peace and real joy this Christmas time.

I don’t want my inn to be so full that there is ‘no room’ here either.

I don’t want to get so caught up in all the busyness and hype of this most wonderful time of the year that I forget why I am even telling my kids the nativity story and making stars and angels and shepherds and mangers…..

So yeah I am taking a step back. I am slowing down. I am treasuring quieter times with family. I will be back in full force again soon, (I hope!) but for now I’m making sure this ‘inn’ has a vacancy this Christmas.

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