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Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #8

Oooooooooh it has been a long week … glad it’s Friday! Is it bad that I was really tempted to keep J off pre school today and have a dvd and movie day?? He’s only been back 1 week!

So, I’m back with some of my outfits from this past week…..since starting out on this little ‘fashion adventure’ I have noticed I am happier, feel more confident and have received a lot more comments than I ever have…ever! Hubster seems to be appreciating my efforts too and has made lots of comments about what I’m wearing too, which I have to admit is nice 🙂 I am becoming more and more convinced of the importance of us ladies making an effort with our appearance – not just to please others, but also to give ourselves a little confidence boost, a spring in our step and to glorify our Creator.

I’m not as obsessed with Pinterest as I used to be, although I’m still finding some pinspiration 🙂 I’d noticed the recent trend with celebrities of New Balance trainers ….. now, I have always been a real hater of trainers and jeans….you know that look – white trainers, (and I don’t mean converse!), and jeans! BUT, at the same time trainers ARE comfy and super practical for a busy mum. So, I have decided to embrace it. I dug out my Nike trainers and have been trying to rock them since!

Here’s one such attempt……

This top was also a wee bargain in the sales – £3 in New Look.

Another trend which is out there is the leather trouser!!!! Again, I was never sure whether I could carry them off…but there’s something about being 32 and not really caring what people think half as much as I used to….so, yip, I got a pair, again in the sales. This time from H&M……


Hee, hee – look at my little photo bomber! Hub and I were heading out on a wee date and I think she sensed it and was a little jealous! Decided to dress the pleathers down a little with a grey jumper….didn’t want to look too dressy – we were only heading to the cinema! I have seen a few people wearing them with trainers – might try that out next week! The trousers are surprisingly really comfortable and I have to admit I kinda like them!!

Last outfit is something which I don’t normally go for – a little tea dress. I have this M&S cardigan which I really like BUT struggle to know what to wear it with, so that I don’t look too Granny mush! Saw this dress in Primark for £2….jeepers you can hardly get a can of coke and bag of crisps for £2 these days, so thought I’d give it a whirl!!


What do you think?

Hoping to head away on a wee family day tomorrow. With poor wee S being sick we didn’t get out much the last week of the holidays. Hoping the weather brightens up a little….today is just rotten…..we are hoping to head to the farm tomorrow with our Tesco vouchers!!!!Fingers crossed for clear skies 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Trying to put a bit of yummy into this mummy #8

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