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What we’re loving around here, right now!

A different kind of post for me this evening, but I thought I’d share some of the things that we’ve been loving around here! Some things for the kids, some things for the family as a whole and some things for me – nothing too exciting I have to admit, but for us it’s bringing smiles!

So, first up – favourites of the kiddies this week:

1. Paint…..

painting with cotton buds, painting with cars, painting with brushes and painting mummy’s hair! We’ve been painting every day this week…..oh the washing!!!! 😉




2. Audio books……

We got the kids this new collection of stories on CD for Christmas! It has been on REPEAT in the car every day since! It’s really good though AND we got it half price in The Early Learning centre just before the big day! It’s got 6 of her best selling stories AND it’s half price on amazon right now too!!


3. Puddles…..

hasn’t the weather been a bit grim this week? Yuk. We try to get outside to play every day – if we don’t, both the kids and me CRACK UP!!! It ain’t good for anyone being cooped up all day, and hey, ya can’t jump in puddles indoors, right?!



4. Duplo……

For Christmas Granny and Granda bought the kinds some new duplo to add to their collection, in the form of Disney Planes and Disney Princess! To say it has been a big hit would be an understatement! They LOVE it! It is the one (bought) toy, that all 3 will play with, together, for a sustained period of time. I have to say I think it is really adorable too – the little Cinderella, with her removable dress and the most handsome Prince Charming…..


5. Testing the boundaries…..

Oh boy! Last week we had a really calm week here. This week – not so much! Jeepers, it’s as if they’ve all decided to ‘get mummy’!! Ha! I don’t have a picture for this one, but let me reassure you, if I did, it wouldn’t be pretty! Mainly the problem has been anytime we have gone out – neither S or L want to be in the buggy anymore and I’m not sure I’m up for a shopping trip with both of them walking just yet!!! So tantrum they may, this mamma ain’t backing down…..yet! It’s been their favourite thing to do this week – not so much a favourite for me!

And now, what I’ve been loving this week:

1. The slow cooker…..

we were bought this for a wedding present 5 years ago. I always liked the idea of it, but was never convinced! This week I saw it again at the back of the cupboard and thought I’d give it a whirl. After a bit of advice and encouragement from my lovely followers on Facebook I decided to give it a go. Tonight we had our first Irish Stew using it! And it was delish! And it was so handy…..threw it all in at 9am this morning and didn’t touch it again until 5pm….result!


2. Coffee to go……

This week I have not been able to get myself into gear at all in the mornings! Me and the duvet have been inseperable in the mornings and so breakfast has been skipped in order to get hubster and J to work / school on time! So hoorah for the disposable cup….


not very healthy I know, but needs must 😉

3. My Cath Kidston bag….

for almost 4 years now I have needed to carry around a baby changing bag….now I did have a “Yummy Mummy” one and it was lovely, don’t get me wrong, BUT 4 years is a long time! Back in October, hubs bought me this bad boy…..


and man do I LOVE it! It’s as good as a changing bag with all it’s different pockets and sections etc….you can carry it easily and still have hands free and it looks pretty stylish as well 🙂

4. Avenue 57…….

I recently discovered this website through the world of blogging…..it’s a wee place for you to share some outfit ideas, be inspired about what to wear and I have found it motivates me to try that little bit harder in the mornings with what I throw on me. Here’s what I’ve been wearing this week and sharing on this website…..




So, there we have it –  some of the things that we’re loving around here, right now!! What about you guys, what’s making you smile these days? Do any of you have a slow cooker and can recommend any recipes? Or maybe you’ve discovered a new toy / activity with your kids? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear…….

8 thoughts on “What we’re loving around here, right now!

  1. Hi Karen,

    I got a slow cooker myself with my double up Tesco vouchers. I love it. I have cooked bbq ribs in it twice and the kids loved them. I was in the butchers yesterday in Moira- (The meat centre), the wee butcher got chatting about slow cookers and was giving me all his recipes and ideas. He told me to goggle dryrubs for meats .I have to admit I laughed the whole way home- what has my life become!! When I got home I did what he said and done a dryrub for the ribs. They were great but not saucey enough for us so ended up adding sauce to them myself. Also got a pork shoulder to make pulled pork so that’s for the weekend!!

    I have been a bit too keen though and have done chicken curry and pork casserole. The only fault I had was I left them too long and the meat dried out I felt less time would be better for pork/chicken pieces. (Maybe 4 hours not 7. Lol) Mum uses hers all the time. Her roast is the best. She usually just gets a pot roast which is a cheaper cut but the meat just melts in your mouth. Sunday roast – put veg in bottom and some stock then place pot roast or whatever on top. Turn on in morning and leave it until teatime on slow cook.

    Definately the way to go with a house full of kids I think!! Anything for an easy life. Keep up the posts they are great.



    1. Ooooh Gail – check you out!!! I’m laughing at you googling dryrubs!!! lol!!! I’ve heard of others doing BBQ ribs and I know they would be a big hit in this house – did you just put the ribs in with some BBQ sauce?? Let me know how the pork shoulder goes – I love a pulled pork baguette!
      I’m hoping to try a roast on Sunday!! If I can get into the way of it, I definitely think this slow cooker could be one of the best things to ever happen to me!! Lol xx


  2. Love the pin stripe shirt! 🙂 and I love my slow cooker! I’ve been searching for slow cooker freezer meals and having fun doing some bulk freezer prep meals that I toss in the fridge at night to start to thaw, and then in the crock pot in the morning and done! 🙂


  3. Just found your blog..I’ll have to find your page on facebook now..I love my slowcooker. great for comfort foods! Beef stew from there is the best.


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