Having a grump….

Urgh. I am having one of those days where I think, ‘please just let me do THIS’. I am going to have a little rant right now and then later, think I didn’t really mean that. But some days I JUST want to

1. Get up when I want.

2. Go to the toilet without any interruptions – no one shouting, “mummy where are you? mummy I need my breakfast, mummy where’d you go? Nice pants mummy……

3. Eat ALL my toast….I’d like a day where I didn’t have to share it….I know it sounds crazy and selfish and why on earth would that annoy you, but sometimes it does. Like they have their own toast, why mine? There’s has peanut butter too!

4. Drink a full cup of hot coffee.

5. Only have to say sentences once.

6.  Shower and get dressed with no spectators.

7. Watch TV ALL day….whilst drinking that HOT coffee.

8. Not step on a toy – that can REALLY hurt.

9. Talk to hubster about his day my day without fighting for his attention.

10. Eat my lunch / dinner while it is still hot and all in one go.

I could probably go on, but I won’t…..I’m just having one of those days………….

9 thoughts on “Having a grump….

  1. Aww Karen, it doesn’t get any easier!! Still at 17 a lot of that happens!! Lol. A wee day out shopping on your own is what you need. Gx


  2. Oh, we’ve all had those days! I agree with the sharing of toast – I made you your own – eat that! There are some days that I’m like ‘knock it off, that’s MINE!’ 🙂 It does get better, eventually you will be able to have at least one bathroom break a day that isn’t interrupted!


  3. Completely understand!! I’ve told my husband, if you want to eat something all by yourself you have to hide and eat it in another room!


  4. I was just thinking today what my luxuries were….
    1. Cleaning my teeth in peace without being asked questions whilst my mouth is full of toothpaste
    2. Using the hand dryers in public toilets…my wee girl is terrified of the noise and so if you try to use them much screaming happens!


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