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Love the little things.

Evening all….and what a great evening it is….not least because it is Friday! This week has been kinda tough going – not even sure why – think I’m just tired, and tiredness really does have such a big impact on ‘life’ really doesn’t it?! Anyhow, it is Friday and after the week that has been it seems even more fitting to be taking part in this wee blog link up.

I recently discovered a new blog – but why mummy why – be sure to check it out! She has decided that every Friday she is going to post about the little things that she has loved during her week, that have all come together to make up her week. She has invited other bloggers to join in. I am a little late in getting started, I only found her blog last week, but hey ho, I thought I’d give it a go this week. You can let me know if you found it interesting or if I just bored you to tears :-/

So, here we go, here are The Little Things we have :

READ…… mmmmmmm there’s a lot I could tell you about here. But one thing that really stands out in my mind this week as it reassured me a lot as a mummy was this blog post over at Two-daloo, Language basics, How many words? I’ve shared before of how I had been concerned about wee S’s speech when he turned 2, and how I had done a self referral to Speech and Language. And, even though I had been told his speech was age appropriate and his understanding was at the level of a 3 year old, I still, to be honest was a little worried. Reading this reminded me and reinforced what I already knew. It was good to read. And I’ll probably still worry – cause that’s what us mummy’s do right?!

WATCHED …… I don’t really watch TV at all. But this week for our wee date night I convinced the hubster to watch this with me:

He had bought me it for Christmas as he knows all too well that it is one of my favourite musicals. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it in London and this dvd well and truly did it justice. Anne Hathaway is fantastic!!
HEARD ……. mmmmmm right now I can hear the 3 little munchkins and their daddy playing down in the bedrooms and I have to say it is making me smile….daddy does imaginary play soooooo much better than mummy! Do you find that in your house?
MADE ……..we make a lotta stuff around here on a weekly basis. But a highlight was pavlova….my dad was away to China and Hong Kong with work, so we just had mum and my little sister for Sunday dinner. Mum’s favourite dessert is a pavlova. I made a pink pavlova for the first time. Now, it was only pink on the inside, I think our oven is about to pack in, that’s the excuse I’m using anyway, and the outside got a little burnt! It still tasted good, right mum? Laura?
Not sure why I put the strawberries on upside down?!
WORE……. cue some outfit posts
Not so keen on this one 😦 The brogues got a nod of DISapproval from the hub too. I had wanted a pair for ages and then spotted these in New Look for very cheap so snapped them up! Think a different colour top would have been better under the blazer.
Some more of my sale purchases – top was reduced from £30 to £4 in Oasis and the leopard shoe boots down to £5 in Dunnes…LOVE a bargain!
And this is what I am wearing today. Yes it is a bit much for the weekly shop, but I don’t care, I wanted to wear my pleathers AND my leopard shoes so I did! Ha! I got some strange looks at the school gate and Tesco!!!!
And lastly ……..  earlier in the week I had a little moan and groan. It was good to get it out. But…..last night as I lay and snuggled with the boyos in their wee beds while they fell asleep, I took a moment to praise God for each of them….as much as I miss hot coffee and toast I’d NEVER wish these precious, precious days with my 3 little lambs to be over….I soaked up their little Johnstons baby bath whiffs……and squeezed them even more tightly.  Then went and put the kettle on 😉
Have a great weekend y’all. We’re off to kids club at the cinema…£1.50 per ticket…what’s not to love ?!

12 thoughts on “Love the little things.

  1. So pleased that you found me and decided to join in! I really love reading everyone’s posts, think it’s because I’m so nosey! 😉
    I love Les Mis and really agree, Anne Hathaway is breathtaking as Fantine. I saw it in the cinema and went through a whole lot of tissues!
    And that pavlova looks yum.
    Have a great weekend xx


  2. Last year our Diva group (what us girls call ourselves when we do our monthly dinners and yearly camping trips, etc.) got together and went to see Les Mis (and my son went, but he loves theatre, so he wanted to go!) and it was awesome! It’s probably the first version I’ve seen that I actually enjoyed!


  3. Les Mis- it’s all the rage hey?! AMAZING.
    Also, I love pavlova and have a pair of leopard print shoes and pleathers. I am not a SWF though!
    Ah- the post bath smell is the best isn’t it, we all have moany days though. Part of the job I guess.


  4. I like this idea of sharing these things each week! I may give it a try next week. i love your outfits and that you wear what you want no matter where you go or who you’ll see!! You look great 🙂


  5. I stopped by to read this post but have caught up on more must add you to my bloglovin! I haven’t seen les mis is it any good? Haven’t read it either! I love listening to hubby play with my two he dies wrestling and play fights they love it and I love the giggles 🙂 xx


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