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Love the little things #2.

Hey ho! It’s Friday! This week has been a bit quiet on the blog and on my Facebook page. We’ve been kinda busy doing different things – the first part of the week started out GREAT….the last 2 days not so much……..

I’m joining up again with but why mummy why to share with you some of the little things that have made up our week…..

This week we have –

READ…… http://www.desiringgod.org//blog/posts/stay-at-home-moms-with-missionary-hearts. In 2003 I went on a mission trip with Abaana to Uganda and well, fell in love with the place…..hook, line and sinker….I love it.  The people are just amazing and the country just beautiful. Since then I have returned many times – even spending Christmas there in 2007 and met my husband on a team. I spent 2 months there one summer with the idea of going long term…BUT God had different ideas and here I am living in Northern Ireland and wrestling with a whole lot of ‘stuff’!!! There is loads I could say about the ‘stuff’ but for now, it’s enough for you to know that, this article struck a chord 🙂

WATCHED …… haven’t really watched any programmes / dvd’s this week. But I did enjoy watching my 3 playing doctors in our homemade surgery. It was a great way to sum up our wee theme of ‘body parts’ – the kids were able to put bandages and plasters on different parts of the body, discussing the names of them as we played. We were also able to drop in some names as we listened with our stethoscope and asked questions about where was sore!



HEARD ……. a lot of rain outside!!! Hasn’t the weather been a bit grim this week in Northern Ireland? Apparently there’s some snow forecast for tonight?! I have to say I’d love to wake up to a snowy carpet in the morning.
MADE ……..this week we made some Pineapple delights for the first time.  One of the ladies from my church, who is a great baker gave me her recipe and wow they did not disappoint. We also made some good old faithful rice krispie buns to take to a friends house. One of the lovely mummy’s from J’s pre school had invited us all over for lunch – we had a lovely afternoon! Thanks Rachel if you’re reading!!! Here are the delights before getting cut up! YUM!
WORE……. not much to get excited about this week in terms of what I wore! Have had a week lacking in inspiration when it comes to clothes! Here’s 2 outfits from the past week….footwear was totally inappropriate for the weather but I couldn’t think of what other footwear would go!
Have also ‘worn’ this face for the past 2 days…….the photo doesn’t really show you it in all it’s glory and this is it actually gone down a little! But on Thursday I woke up with a face resembling, hhhmmmmmm….how would I describe it??? Have you ever seen the film ‘Hitch’? Well, think of that and that was me. I have an absess. And it seems to be the Queen of all absess’!!!! Lonnnnnnggg story short I have taken 2 weeks worth of antibiotics in 12 hours and am taking 2 more different antibiotics for the next week! Also waiting on a little oral surgery in hospital, so like I said at the beginning, the end of the week hasn’t been great….
Wow! That is one awful photo!!!! Ha! Awh well….bearing it all in the name of you all getting to know me!!!
And lastly ……..  the beginning of the week was much better, we had 3 days of meeting up with friends for lunch / coffee / play dates and it was lovely. the kids really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed it too.  It reminded me of the importance of making an effort to spend time with friends and family, I had kinda got out of the way of doing that as much. BUT this week reminded me – we NEED our friends and family …… not just for the hard times BUT for the good times too 🙂
Have a great weekend y’all….maybe drop someone a wee text to see if they’d like to meet up for a coffee….you never know, it might be just what you / they need! xx

2 thoughts on “Love the little things #2.

  1. Loved reading about your trips to Uganda, have you blogged about any of them? I’d love to have a read. Gonna head over and read that article as soon as I’ve finished commenting – thanks for sharing it.
    The rain has been horrendous here too and that wind, just awful! Roll on warmer weather! xx


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