You’re doing great!

Hey there. I’m not going to share with you the little things from our week – to be honest nothing really too interesting has happened! But, I just want to encourage all you mummy’s out there – YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. You are. Sometimes it can be so easy to forget that we are all trying our best, our very best. And while that may not be the same ‘way’ for everyone, who are we to judge?!

Not everyone can stay at home. Not everyone can go to work. Not everyone wants to stay at home. Not everyone wants to go to work. Not everyone can send their kids to swimming lessons, music lessons, ballet or gymnastics. Not everyone can spend days playing or baking with their kids. Not everyone can spend quality time with their kids every day. Not everyone can give their kids a fabulous birthday party with all the trimmings. Not everyone can never raise their voice or say an angry word. Not everyone can produce fabulous homemade dinners every night. Not everyone can be happy/patient/joyful/playful/energetic all the time. Not everyone can play cars / trains / princesses / doctors / tea parties / do jigsaws / colour in for hours on end.  Not everyone can, but, maybe you can.

Not everyone can be YOU. Not everyone can do for their kids what YOU do. And YOU are doing a great job at what YOU are doing. Parenting is hard. Parenting is wonderful. Parenting makes you feel guilty. Parenting makes you feel amazing. Don’t judge others because they choose to do it differently from you. Smile (with empathy!) at other mums when you see them in Tesco’s and their toddler is throwing a major hissy fit and be thankful that it isn’t your child, (today!). Smile at a mother when you see her tenderly kiss her toddlers knee when they fall over, she’ll know, right then that you have noticed the love that she has for her children and it will give her a little boost.

Be confident today that you are doing a great job. Mothers want what is best for their children, it kind of goes with the title.  So, while you may not be doing it the same as that other mum, know that you are doing your best in your unique situation…..and that is enough.

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