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What does love look like…….

DSC08863DSC08959DSC09243 Jonah and SethDSCN2731DSCN27392013-07-27 15.26.052012-11-08 18.32.50Karen and IP1010275DSC08260DSC08312DSC08497Claire pictures 112me and josephUganda Summer 2008 011 Uganda Summer 2008 090 Uganda Summer 2008 145 Uganda Summer 2008 147 Uganda Summer 2008 149 Uganda Summer 2008 162 Uganda Summer 2008 215Copy of DSC00087DSC04310DSC03321DSC03403 DSC03458 DSC03463 DSC03478 DSC03480DSC04053 DSC04076 DSC03801DSC03630DSC00158 DSC00171 Jonah - 9 weeks to 14 weeks 083DSC06350 DSC06472It's a girl!! 010 It's a girl!! 068 It's a girl!! 066 It's a girl!! 105Our Wedding 087 Our Wedding 108 Our Wedding 209

Sorry, that was a lot of scrolling through… I just wanted to share some ideas of what I think love looks like. It’s more of a personal post and more of a letter to my family, but I’m sharing it with you all too 🙂

Hope you’re all feeling some love in some way today, whether that be with your husband, your sister, your daughter, your mum, your gran, your coffee (!), your book, your favourite TV programme, your bed, your bath, your ice cream…..

Happy Valentine’s Day x

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