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A birthday celebration!

My little firstborn turned 4 on Sunday – 4!! I can hardly believe it. Cliché I know – but where did that time go? Crazy. Shortly after Christmas I asked J what he wanted to do for his party, I thought if he was going to throw me a crazy theme of a party I would need to start preparing early. However, he said he wanted to go to the zoo and go to a hotel! (I think Auntie Jill’s wedding gave him a new found love for hotels!) And well, I have to say, the idea of a day at the zoo and a hotel didn’t sound too bad to me! I explained to him that this would be instead of having a party with his friends etc…but he said this was fine. I’ll not lie, it was music to my ears 🙂 Where better to combine the zoo with a hotel than Dublin, right?!

So after a little searching on the internet and some munching of Kellogg’s cereal to get our buy one get one free voucher for Dublin zoo, our weekend was all booked and all for less than £100 – win, win!! We had a really super weekend – some fab family times, it’s amazing what just getting away from it all can do – no TV/laptop/housey things to distract us, just quality time together as a 5. We (mummy and daddy) had a ball and the 3 little munchkins LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! We enjoyed – audio books on repeat, picnics in the car, exploring the zoo (all 3 managed to walk the whole way around – that’s how excited they were – 5 hours walking!), dinner at McDonalds, (we were there for a 4 year olds birthday after all), jigsaws, stories, sticker books, games and bouncing on beds, breakfast fit for a King, (J loving the never ending supply of Coco Pops, S devouring the fry and L must have ate her weight in croissants and pastries!!),  swimming, opening presents, chocolate – lots of chocolate – and tonnes and tonnes of giggles and cuddles and kisses!! As a 4th birthday celebration it may have sounded a bit grand going to a hotel – but when you consider the cost of a party these days, £100 for a very memorable weekend was worth EVERY penny! I’d highly recommend it 🙂



















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