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Love the little things #3

Hoping that this will help me see the ‘best’ in what was ‘one of those weeks’ – after a fab weekend in Dublin, the chicken pox came back on Tuesday 😦 And it came back with a double whammy – both S and L got covered from head to toe – they got it baaaaaad – poor wee munchkins 😦 So am joining up again with butwhymummywhy to think about some of the little things that have made up our week.

This week we have :

Read…..lots and lots and lots and lots of books. There are some great children’s books out there and there are some really rubbish ones too unfortunately. This week the kids favourites have been, “The  Very Hungry Caterpillar,  Zog, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Rosie’s Walk.” I think I might just know them cover to cover 😉

What struck a chord with me of the things that I have read were these 2 tweets –

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UNICEF     ‏                   

Feb 26 #SouthSudan is one of largest, most complex emergencies in world http://uni.cf/HAC2014  #HAC2014 @unicefssudan pic.twitter.com/UopXmxClXR

And yet our news is filled with nonsense about celebrities and football players and whether or not Kate Middleton’s dresses are too short?!

Watched….. ok, so who else was very excited to see One Born Every Minute back on our screens?! I absolutely love that programme. Love it, love it, love it! I get so jealous of all those women …I kinda love labour! I also feel the need to confess that I also watched, “Party Wright around the world” on ITV2….I’m not going to explain/say anything more about that…….

Heard …… Honestly, all I can remember hearing all week is, “mummy”, “mummy, I need a ___”, “mummy I’m scratchy”, “mummy”, “mummy can I watch Mickey?”, “mummy”, “I don’t want that one, I want the other one”, “mummy”….you get the idea?!?!

 Made ….. decided to try out some new recipes this week….a highlight was the slow cooker pork fillet – oh baby, it was good!! I also made some bacon, leek and potato soup and wheaten bread.  Would you believe I never knew what those little spiral attachments were for on my Kenwood hand mixer?! I randomly decided to google them and what do ya know – they are for making dough?! For over 5 years now they have just been sitting in my cupboard – not anymore, look out bread ‘stuff’ recipes!!!!!!

Me and little S also made some shortbread – not a winning combination I have to say! Taste was good – texture, not so much!

Wore…….basically this week I have lived in sweats and hoodies, I’m not gonna lie! There’s only so much dressing up that needs to be done when you’re lying on the sofa with 2 little chickens on top of you! I did however get a new little “Spring” top…

And bust out the shades!!!! I know, I know, I. AM. COOL. I know it! 😛 But, seriously wasn’t it lovely to get some sunshine this week. Spring is a comin’!!

Later this evening I hope to be ‘wearing’ some new hair. When hubster gets home from work I am abandoning him with the 3 wee ‘uns to go to the hairdressers!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I will be getting rid of those greys…may even lose a few inches, who knows?! It’s been a good few months since I’ve had the ‘bap chapped’ and I feel like a change…..watch this space!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m excited about the prospect of getting back into civilisation next week when we are POX FREE!!!!

9 thoughts on “Love the little things #3

  1. Oh dear, poor wee kiddie winks, chicken pox are THE WORST! At least you have it all over now though – every cloud…! So impressed at your ‘made’ section- mine is a bit woeful every week, must do better 😉 E x


  2. To wee sick ones that is a rough week you have had! It can make a very long and exhausting day. We have had a similar week filled with household sickness. Looking outside and seeing that beautiful sunshine today and not being able to get out and it made me long for spring! Do you remember the fantastic list u made of things to do in autumn… If u have though on fun spring idea would so love that! Get well soon to u all x


    1. Thanks Jennifer, I hope your house is well again soon too! It can be hard going when there is sickness in the house! Another sunny day today – hoping to get out in the sun! Funny you mention the Spring Bucket List, I am actually in the middle of making it! Will pop it up as soon as it’s ready 🙂 x


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