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A birth story #3

It’s kind of hard to know where to begin my 3rd birth story. You see, Bubba #3 was due around 3rd / 5th June 2012 according to doctors and scans, according to MY dates bubba #3 was due 11th June – Seth’s birthday. Bubba #3’s labour started and stopped from 21st May and then finally she… Continue reading A birth story #3

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A birth story #2.

The story of my little second born. My pregnancy with S had been totally different from J.  I was a lot more uncomfortable, got lots more aches and pains so when the beginning of June came I was ready to have this baby 🙂 I was kind of hoping that I would go early but… Continue reading A birth story #2.

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A birth story.

With Mother’s Day approaching, (where does the apostrophe go there?!) I thought I’d share my birth stories of my 3 little treasures. This blog is a way for me to capture life now as I know it, something to show J, S and L when they are grown, a reminder for me and them, the things that… Continue reading A birth story.

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Belfast Fashion Week SS14

Afternoon y’all. Can I have a whoop, whoop for Friday! And an even bigger whoop, whoop for the weekend 🙂 I’ve kind of felt like today was Saturday all day, as I was out last night! What????? On a week night??? Yes, yes I was. Not only was I out, but I was out for… Continue reading Belfast Fashion Week SS14

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Top o’ the mornin til ya!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Just a little post to share what we have been up to today. Nothing too rad to be fair but fun none the less 🙂 Making mosaic shamrocks – tissue paper / pva glue / a rather poorly drawn shamrock by mum! St. Patrick inspired playdough – creating rainbows with pipe cleaners /… Continue reading Top o’ the mornin til ya!

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Love the little things #4

Wow wee, I don’t know about you but for me the weeks are just flying by! Jeepers, I can’t believe it is Friday again! I am delighted to say we have had a week where we have all been well 🙂 Yippeeeeeee!!! AND Mr. Sun even showed his face again too!! Double yipppeeeeeeeeee!!!!! The kids… Continue reading Love the little things #4


Here’s my day!

This post is completely random, completely unplanned and perhaps completely rubbish, but I am writing it anyway. Today has been one of those days, when a lot, but at the same time not much, has happened. But 2 things happened that made me stop.  2 little things that have just touched my heart and made me think ……… Continue reading Here’s my day!

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Our Spring Bucket List!

As you know, we love a good list around here! Some people have sent me a few messages asking me if I was putting together a Spring Bucket List, like I had for Autumn! And, the answer is Yes, Yes I am!! Here we go our Spring Bucket List 2014. There will of course be… Continue reading Our Spring Bucket List!