Here’s my day!

This post is completely random, completely unplanned and perhaps completely rubbish, but I am writing it anyway. Today has been one of those days, when a lot, but at the same time not much, has happened. But 2 things happened that made me stop. 

2 little things that have just touched my heart and made me think ……

1. We had got one of those little cards in the post a few weeks ago…you know the one that creates a dread and fear – “Sorry, we need to temporarily switch off your electricity”. WHAT?!?!? No electric for a whole day? You have gotta be kidding me! How am I going to survive?!?!  Coffee? Toast? TV? Heat? Washing machine? Dinner? Phone? Internet? And so the list goes on……Makes you think about how much we rely on electric, huh? And yes, I was panicking, I was dreading it. And yeah, I’ve been to Uganda many times. I know we are so fortunate here to have electricity pretty much ALL.THE.TIME. But the thought of it for a whole day made me panic. GET. A . GRIP woman dear! You’ll be glad to know that we all survived by the way! Pretty easily too I have to say. But it did remind me of those people who day and daily do not have such a luxury, It reminded me of those who always have a cold shower. Who never have a warm coffee / toast / dinner. Those kids who don’t know what it is to watch TV on demand. Those women who hand wash, in the river, all their clothes, every time. Those families who live by candlelight every night. How easy it is to come home from mission trips, ready to change the world, to live differently, to only months later panic at the thought of no electric for 10 hours. I am annoyed at myself.

2. So, due to having no electric we headed out shopping – to M&S – oh yes, the irony of being reminded of Uganda and then heading to M&S!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, we headed after we picked J up from pre school. Now, I should have known 3 kids + hungry tums + tiredness = disaster. And yes, disaster it was, in epic capacity. And it was the littlest one that broke first. And we are talking full scale, screaming, thrashing out, red faced, on the floor refusing to get in her buggy. Nice. But, then a very gentle hand touched my arm, which had in it my groceries, because why on earth would you lift a basket?! Yes, a gentle hand touched my arm, and a sweet little voice said, “Can I do something to help you?” I simply replied, “Yes, please.” And she started chatting to L, asking her about her pretty red shoes all while gently lifting her into the buggy. The lady, then turned to me and said, “I’ve been there many times before”, gave me a lovely smile and went on about her way. And I stood speechless for a moment. What a lovely, lovely lady. She must have been in her 70’s or 80’s but she was so gracious and loving and caring and supportive. She didn’t judge or tut or look at us like we were some sort of wild/crazy family, although she would have been forgiven for doing so, she simply understood and cared. I won’t forget it. It made a real impact on my heart. I hope one day I will do the same for someone else…..see their specific need at a specific moment and meet it.

I wish I had some really great line / paragraph to sum up, but I don’t. I just wanted to share, get off my chest, think out loud on paper (?!) Today was just one of those days when not much happened, but one of those days when so much happened I’ll never be the same………


18 thoughts on “Here’s my day!

  1. Whoa love this!! I’ve had a few of those ‘wee ladies’ who hav done something little to help me with my brood of 4 but it has really been a HUGE help!! Love hindsight & how she probably could tell you an exact occasion when that was her many moons ago!! Ur doing a great job!!


  2. Ahhh that’s fantastic. Random acts of kindness are the best. Definitely pay it forward. I always try to. Good karma definitely came your way. So lovely. #ordinarymoments


  3. Aw what a lovely old lady. Things like that make my day, unfortunately they don’t happen all the time. It’s nice to know that there are kind people out there. x


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