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Love the little things #4

Wow wee, I don’t know about you but for me the weeks are just flying by! Jeepers, I can’t believe it is Friday again!

I am delighted to say we have had a week where we have all been well 🙂 Yippeeeeeee!!! AND Mr. Sun even showed his face again too!! Double yipppeeeeeeeeee!!!!! The kids are all napping, I have just poured myself a large DC (diet coke!) …..for those that don’t know – I have a slight addiction to the old DC ….. may be why me and my dentist now stop for chats when we bump into each other in Tesco?! This also happens to me with the midwives from Lagan Valley! Not something really to be proud of, is it?! Anyway, DC beside me, time to indulge in the Little things that have made up the week for us here at Making Memories In the Chaos, or MMITC as Emma, over the Life at the Little Woods has named it! Ha! More about that later!

This week we have …..

Read –  J’s first proper little report….weep! He is now being assessed on what he can or cannot do, given labels about his abilities….don’t get me wrong, his pre school is FAB and the ladies are not big on the whole report thing either…but legislation requires it to be done! The wee champ got a glowing report and I have to admit I felt all proud and my chest did swell a little (still not to what it was pre breast feeding mind you 😉 )…it really is strange being on the other side of it all! All those little phrases that used to roll of the tongue are now being applied to my son….he’s growing up FAR.TOO.FAST. He’s doing great though. But, more than that, “He is a very happy, content little boy with lovely manners” ……what more could a mum want?! (OK, so I have to admit his pencil grip leaves a lot to be desired and makes my heart palpitate a little!) But, honestly, had the lovely Jill told me nothing more that would have been enough.

Watched – We went to the cinema this week – all 5 of us – it was a first! And we survived. We didn’t get thrown out, nor did I feel any piercing glares from any other cinema attenders! It went well. We saw ‘Frozen’, I know, a little late on that one, but, what a great film!!! We all really enjoyed it, even the hubster 😉 Needless to say we have the soundtrack now on repeat, like every other parent out there at the moment! Definitely one we’ll be looking out for on DVD.

Heard – this is a very tedious link for ‘heard’, but anyhow…..I heard the chat of lots of lovely people, whether it be through my church ladies group (PW) or coffee with friends or visits from family, I’ve been talking and listening lots this week and it has been FAB -U -LOUS! It is so true that talking things through with people can be just the medicine you need. It’s nice too to listen to others talk excitedly about things that they are passionate about, things that concern them or just talk about what is going on in their life at the moment, don’t you think?

Made – hmmmmmmm made…..I made great progress in my Spring clean! Got each of the bedrooms done, now for the other rooms!

1932371_10150382616344957_570460081_n 1978667_10150382616394957_2098177646_n


I also made Chicken and Peach crunch for the first time this week, I’m sorry to say it won’t be being made again. Not that it was gross (can’t think of a better word, sorry!) or anything like that, it just wasn’t one that I’ll make again.

1376417_10150382618389957_2054735713_n 1374065_10150382618444957_659816373_n

Knowing that the hubster loves a bit of Mint Aero, I made him a Mint Aero cheesecake to cheer him up a little. He’s been feeling a little under the weather, poor thing 😦

I also made some plans for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the kids. I always like to have something to break up our activities. I have to confess if there’s an occasion of any sort I use it as an excuse to do craft / baking / play! Will hopefully be sharing some of what we get up to on my Facebook page.

Wore – I’m not gonna lie, I made some hasty decisions this week on the clothing front. The sun came out, I got all ahead of myself, and bust out the pumps/slip ons. Totally regretted it. Saying that I have little navy ballet pumps on today again. And, yes my feet are purple. Sigh.  I also wore these little numbers from Zara……I think they’re probably a bit of a marmite item….


Also this week we enjoyed a lovely meal at The Pheasant, if you are local and you have not yet been, you need to go! Especially if you have kids – they eat FREE Mon –  Thurs. The food is gorgeous and they are pretty family friendly.


I also have made some exciting plans to meet up with a little blogland buddy, Emma. Emma writes over at “Life at the Little Wood” – go have a wee read, you will not regret it. Just one of the reasons I really enjoy blogging, is finding treasures like this and also for the friendship that it brings!

There we go, our Love of the Little things from the week. Off now to top up my DC and finish off the ironing – how rock and roll 😉


4 thoughts on “Love the little things #4

  1. Oh, cute, cute, CUTE! I’m, once again, in awe of your abilities to look after 3 children and make a mint aero cheesecake. At the same time!! And you cleared out as well. Stop making the rest of us look so bad ;). I’m already planning the structured, curriculum focused activities for our meet up (am I right that ‘structured play’ in Primary schools really means time for the teacher to have a wee coffee and get their head showered? If so, that’s what we’re doing!) :). Lovely post MMITC! Xxx


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