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Top o’ the mornin til ya!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Just a little post to share what we have been up to today. Nothing too rad to be fair but fun none the less 🙂

Making mosaic shamrocks – tissue paper / pva glue / a rather poorly drawn shamrock by mum!



St. Patrick inspired playdough – creating rainbows with pipe cleaners / small sticks /pom poms and shamrocks with green playdough and cutter.


Look at those little finger muscles develop 😉


Water play with all things green!


Now, these are blueberry and white chocolate scones – what’s that got to do with St. Paddy’s day? Nothing. We set out to make soda bread only to discover we had no buttermilk left – scones it is then!!


And finally, for dinner we had Irish Stew – doesn’t look great in this photo, but it was scrummy! I love a bit of Irish stew…


So, there we have it. Out little celebration of St. Patrick! We did talk a LITTLE about the significance of the whole shamrock, but admittedly that went right over their heads! Any Methody fans out there – congrats! Being a Friends girl myself, I’ve NO idea what you are all feeling this evening! 😉 Off now to get ready for some Revenge and One Born – oooooooooo which one to record and which to watch?!

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