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A birth story.

With Mother’s Day approaching, (where does the apostrophe go there?!) I thought I’d share my birth stories of my 3 little treasures. This blog is a way for me to capture life now as I know it, something to show J, S and L when they are grown, a reminder for me and them, the things that we got up to when they were very little. I didn’t write their birth stories at the time, I really wish I had, but I can remember it all very clearly, sure there will be some little details that I will have undoubtedly forgotten, but I’m pretty sure I have remembered all the important bits.

So first, the story of J – our little first-born. He was a little earlier than expected and arrived on 23rd February 2010. He weighed 7lbs 6oz and was born at 0817am. And I COULD NOT BELIEVE I had a baby BOY! I have 2 sisters and kinda just expected to have a little girl. Truthfully, I had really wanted a boy – when I taught it was always the little boys who stole my heart. It was the little boys that made me laugh the most, made me work the hardest, and it’s the little boys that I remember now with a little smile on my face.

Sunday 22nd February 2010 was just like any other day, we went to church in the morning and the evening. Chatted with friends about how long now – “3 weeks to go” I said, “No, no sign of anything yet”. That night I went to bed about 10pm then woke up at 12am, busting for a wee! I put it off and put it off, not wanting to get out of bed, but I just couldn’t hold on. Stood up and whoosh, my waters broke. I stood for a while, not really sure what had happened; have I just wet myself?? Hokey smokes get it cleaned up before Ben sees!! Oh, no, hold on, it’s still coming and I am definitely not controlling that! “MY WATERS HAVE BROKE!” “BEN!!! MY WATERS HAVE BROKE!!!!!” Poor Ben was sound asleep and woke up with a real jump – one of those sit up straight super fast moments! “Huh, what? What’s wrong with you?” Everyone had kept saying, “Oh you’ll probably be over your due date, most first babies are” etc…etc…blah, blah, blah. We had a wee inkling baby would come early, mum had been early with all of us, my bump had been super tight and hard, but I guess we never really thought we’d go early.  So neither of us were expecting this! Poor Ben took a while to function and to make sense of the, waters have broke announcement.

I found my notes and rang the hospital. They told me to get my bag and come on down. So off we set. I couldn’t believe the time had finally come to meet our little one! Man was I excited!!!!

Things kinda slowed down then though. The midwives examined me and confirmed that yes my waters had broken. I wasn’t having any contractions, and if they didn’t start in 24 hours I would have to be induced. I had no idea what that meant. I had kind of kept myself ignorant of labour until this point. Sometimes I think ignorance can be bliss! So, anyway, I got put onto a little ward at the Lagan Valley with a few other ladies who were in a similar situation and nothing happened all. day. I read magazines, went for walks around the hospital, bounced on that wretched ball, but evening came and still not a contraction. I was allowed out (!!) for a wee spot of dinner – KFC it is then – it was nice and handy! Here I am enjoying a coffee after my zinger burger 😉


So, the inevitable – 24 hours passed and no contractions! I had to get induced. Once the necessary had been done, it was now about midnight, they sent Ben home as, ‘nothing would probably happen until maybe lunch time tomorrow’.  Time for a wee picture before he goes!


Looking good eh?!

Off he went, and I’m not joking, about 10 mins after he had gone the pains started. Now, at the time I had no idea that these were contractions. The midwife had said I would probably have some cramping. So I thought, ok, just deal with the cramps. And that I did until 230am.  They were getting pretty sore, so I called for a midwife. She reassured me again, that this was all normal and that I should expect some cramping and gave me some paracetamol. Carried on for another hour and pushed my buzzer again! This time she ran me a hot bath and I hopped in there. Well wow wee, golly gosh the contractions got going big time. Now call me naïve, call me silly, call me whatever you want, but at the time I kept thinking I wasn’t in labour, the midwife had said, it would be at least lunch time before things got going, so I had better just grin and bear it. I rang Ben as I was feeling a bit lonely and needed someone to chat too. Told him to stay at home and get his sleep as he would need it for tomorrow when labour started (?!) For the next 2 hours 3-5am I just puffed and panted, and did a lot of praying and a lot of thinking – if this isn’t labour I dread to think what a contraction feels like!

5am and I pressed the buzzer as I needed the toilet and wanted a wee hand getting out of the tub. Midwife came in and helped me out, but, it wasn’t the toilet I needed, it was labour ward!! I really felt the urge to push. Midwife was a little shocked and admittedly a little panicked so off we ran, yes, she told me to run, to gather up my things from the ward and head to labour ward. She rang Ben to come. She didn’t stress the urgency of it it seems though, as he took the time to iron his shirt – for the photos (!!)

Ben got there for around 630/645am and bless him got the biggest shock as there I was pushing for all I was worth!!

I was completely fed up and hating the pushing stage. I remember looking at the clock and saying “I can’t do anymore” – it was 8am. The midwife said, “You can, you’re nearly there” But I was totally beat. I’d had no sleep since Saturday night, it was now Tuesday morning and I was punctured. I remember saying to the lovely midwife, “STOP TELLING ME I CAN DO IT!!!! If this baby is not out of me by 830am it is just going to have to stay in there”!!!!

Jonah Benjamin was born at 817am and my life has never been the same since. To meet your little baby face to face, to kiss their little head, look into their little eyes, snuggle them on your chest,  have them nuzzle for some food, cry their first ever cry is truly amazing.



The midwife asked me, “Have you looked to see what you have yet?” I hadn’t even thought to check. I was just so glad that they were here. I was just so overwhelmed with the joy of holding a completely brand new newborn that I hadn’t even thought if they were a boy or a girl. They were here safely and that was all that mattered.

She said, “It’s a boy!”

“No it’s not! No way! A boy?!” I just couldn’t believe it. But yes a boy it was. And what a beauty. I’ll never forget those first moments when Ben and I were left alone with him. Just us and him. Now we were a 3. It was as if we were the only 3 in the whole wide world. I wouldn’t have cared if we had been.






Ready for home!! Lol!

You are so precious wee Jonah. 23rd February will always be a special day. Whether you are completely brand new or going grey with some wrinkles. You are my son. My boy. My treasured one. And every single day I thank my God for giving you to me.


Doesn’t his shirt look well 😉


11 thoughts on “A birth story.

  1. Oh Karen, I have a tear in my eye! Such a sweet post, and what a fab idea to write it down to remember it all. Have really loved reading it, and being nostalgic about my 3 too. Annie had the wee knitted babygrow in the girl version 🙂 xxx


    1. Awh thank you Emma. Birth really is such a miracle and emotional thing. I doubt we could ever forget our individual stories, but writing them down makes a great momento. I LOVED that little babygro – super, super cute and cuddly xx


  2. I was just as ignorant with my first baby (and I pushed for a LONG time with her too!!) Birth is really something. As hard as it is, I look forward to doing it again someday. 😉


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