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A birth story #2.

The story of my little second born.

My pregnancy with S had been totally different from J.  I was a lot more uncomfortable, got lots more aches and pains so when the beginning of June came I was ready to have this baby 🙂 I was kind of hoping that I would go early but hadn’t wanted to get my hopes up, but again, 1 week before the due date I was woken up with the urge to pee!

I remember the same feeling, it was 530am and I woke up feeling like I needed the toilet. It didn’t even dawn on me that it might be labour as I had been to the midwife the day before and there had been no sign that baby was getting ready to come. But, yip, eventually I rolled myself out of bed and whoosh!! This time I knew what had happened. I woke Ben to tell him and we were both really excited, probably even more this time as we knew we’d be meeting our little baby soon!! It’s different 2nd time around though as you now have another person to think about – J. He was fast asleep in his wee cot and I didn’t really want to wake him as I knew then he would be grumpy for Granny. I also wasn’t getting any pains so I knew things hadn’t really got started.

We waited until J woke up and all had some breakfast together and I remember feeling very emotional. This was the last time that it was just going to be us and J, there was soon going to be another little one to take up my attention, to need some of my love and I was a little teeny bit sad. I wondered how would I manage to love another baby as much as what I loved J. I didn’t realise then, that it’s not so much that you need to share out your love, you heart just swells that little bit more each time a new addition fits itself inside!

I rang the hospital, they told me to come down and get checked out. We dropped J off with Granny and Granda and Auntie J and Auntie L – who were all still living at home at the time and headed into the Lagan Valley.


I had started to get a few wee pains at this stage, it was now around 9am, but nothing to get excited about. The midwife examined me and confirmed that my waters had gone, I was having contractions and that I was about 2-3cm dilated. WHOOP! She advised me though to go back home as you tend to labour quicker on your own. Well, Ben and I didn’t really know what to do. We had left wee J off, I knew that I’d be back in hospital again that day, so I didn’t really want to upset J by going back on and getting him all confused. I knew he’d be very happy with Granny. The wee soul was only 15 months and I wanted to keep things as steady and safe and calm for him as possible. So, we decided to stop off at The Country Kitchen for a good old Ulster Fry – yum!


Contractions were kind of coming every 15/20 mins at this stage. When we walked in, we of course met people from church. They were in having their fry before the Sunday School day trip to Tullymore! I couldn’t believe it. We went over to have a wee chat, me doing some gritting of teeth and heavy breathing!! Ha! We didn’t tell them I was in labour of course – all a bit awkward – “when are you due?” – “Oh next week” – “not long now then” – “No, hopefully not (?!?!)” Little did they know. Settled down to enjoy our fry and then decided it would be good if I stayed active. I suggested a wee walk around Hillsborough lake, but Ben freaked out at the thought of things kicking off half way round. So we settled for a walk up the mall. Well, honestly, the contractions were now coming every 8minutes or so. I’d be walking along and then suddenly stop to look in a shop window until the pain had passed! I’m sure I was some sight!


Enjoying a wee ice cream in the food court.


At around 1pm things were getting really sore so I rang the hospital again.


They told me to try to hang on for another little while and then if I wanted I could come in and get examined. Managed to hold off until 3pm and then went back. I was gutted, I was only 5cm. Got sent home again. This time we went to Mum’s for a cuppa and to see how J was doing. Ben and Mum were timing my contractions as we tried to chat about normal things. They were coming pretty regularly now and wow wee the pain! At 5pm we rang the hospital – was advised to try relaxing in a bath – went home and did that, but it was doing nothing this time. Ben rang and had to be pretty insistent that we come back in, well that car journey was something else!! I could hardly sit with the pain! And Ben must have been driving the slowest he has ever driven! (he wasn’t really, but ya know, I was in labour – totally irrational!)

We arrived at the hospital at 6pm, got parked, but as soon as I got out of the car I REALLY felt the urge to bear down (Is that the right phrase?!) Ben got me dragged across the car park and up the stairs. A midwife met us at the door to the delivery suite. And the whole way along that little corridor I was leaning on her, desperate to push. I had really wanted a water birth, but she said, “I think we’re a wee bit too late for that!” as another midwife emerged with crash mats! I am sure that there is some other name for those in hospital, but all I could think of was gymnastics in PE!!

She told me to get myself into whatever I was wanting to wear for labour while she got things ready. Got the red nightie on and she wanted to examine me. Well, jeepers, I tried to lie on the bed, but the pain in my back!!!!! I honestly thought my back was going to break. Turned out little S was coming face up. He was back to back. Again, I had no idea what that meant really. But the next thing I know, I’m down on some tiny little birthing stool, with a mirror directly below me (?!) and I see this teeny, tiny little head turn!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing and completely gross all at the same time.


At 1843pm our darling little Seth Ernest was born. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was just utterly adorable.  He was such a cuddle from the minute he was born. He came up onto my chest and completely snuzzled into my neck. I had a little brother for Jonah. TWO little boys. AMAZING. He was utterly adorable.




We were now a family of 4.


Jonah loved his “brudder Set” from the very first time he saw him and was very proud and protective and rarely left his side.


 During pregnancy Seth had been a rascal, during labour he had been a rascal, and to this day he is my little rascal. He is my cutie. My little cuddle. The one who kisses me all day long. The one who breaks my heart with his naughtiness but who also breaks my heart with his constant, “Mummy, I love you.” “Mummy you’re beautiful”. “You happy Mummy?”

Labour is different 2nd time around there is no doubt. I was a little scared about pushing as I knew how sore it was. I knew how tired I was going to be in about 2 weeks time when the adrenaline rush goes and you are just punctured.

But one thing that I didn’t know was that my heart would grow. That I would fall in love all over again. That I would marvel once more at his 10 tiny little toes, examine every little bit of him and look at him in complete awe that he was mine. That I would find his little sneezes just as adorable as my first.

I love you my little Sethy Bear. I love your chubby cheeks, your kisses and cuddles on the couch. You know, I even love your shouts and yells and all the things that you have broken, because that’s what make you, you. And YOU are wonderful xx



6 thoughts on “A birth story #2.

  1. Karen, I read your first birthing story today and was looking forward to reading the next one! I love reading your blogs. They’re always so honest and this one made me broody!


  2. “Amazing and completely gross all at the same time.” – LOL, this is why I’ve never looked! 😉
    Here, you would have *definitely* been admitted at 5cm! And then likely put on Pitocin if you hadn’t dilated within enough time…. 🙄 Very glad you got to get there on your own. 😀


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