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A birth story #3

It’s kind of hard to know where to begin my 3rd birth story. You see, Bubba #3 was due around 3rd / 5th June 2012 according to doctors and scans, according to MY dates bubba #3 was due 11th June – Seth’s birthday. Bubba #3’s labour started and stopped from 21st May and then finally she was in my arms on the 5th June 2012 🙂

It's a girl!! 031

This pregnancy had been completely different again. I was tortured with anxiety and panic attacks, in the last month I had baby elephant ankles and feet (it was that really hot May/June) and also in the last month I was pretty nauseous – especially when feeding little Sethy his morning Weetabix! Boke!! I also spent the last month waiting for my waters to break – I guess since the other 2 labours had started that way I just assumed this one would too.

21st May, we were sitting watching some 24 (LOVE.THAT.SHOW) and I started getting pains. Now, you would think that by now I would have known what a contraction feels like, especially after all the books and midwives tell you, “Oh, you’ll know.” To be honest I’m still not sure I really know. Anyway, I started having pains every 20minutes or so. These went on for a couple of hours and then they stopped.  A few days later they started again every 20mins, so went up to the hospital to get checked out. I was 3-4cm dilated – WHOOP! But, nope they stopped again. I have to admit to being a little freaked out at being 3-4cm dilated and just going about my business as normal! Apparently, this is very normal in 3rd pregnancies – to start and stop labour for a week or two before baby actually comes! Who knew?!

When the 5th June rolled around I was fed up. I remember ringing mummy about 2pm and having a good old moan about being uncomfortable and just wishing baby would come. We were on the phone for over an hour and a half. I got off the phone and was having a little toot about when boom, completely out of nowhere a contraction hit! One of those, stop and hold onto something, can’t talk, gotta breathe contractions. Ben asked me, “Are you alright?” I said, “yeah, yeah, just took a wee pain”. It was 420pm. 440pm and another contraction. I said to Ben, “oooooo there’s another.” Ben said, “maybe we should give your mum a wee ring.” I wasn’t convinced though and decided I’d just let her know I was having a few pains and to just be ready that evening, just incase. I jumped in the shower to see if it helped me relax, but at 5pm I rang mum – “I think you better come!” Jonah and Seth were DELIGHTED to see Granny and Granda. This time, it’s funny I was really excited for them!!! I was excited for them to be getting another sibling. I knew how much fun they had with each other and I just knew they were going to love having another wee chum to play with!

It's a girl!! 012

It's a girl!! 011

We got to the Lagan Valley for around 540pm. Mary, who had delivered Seth was on duty. She is LOVELY. She remembered about Seth and asked how he was doing, she couldn’t believe it was nearly a year as she remembered delivering him. She remembered little Jonah too coming in to visit. She checked me out and said you’re about 5cm, do you want to take yourself off and have some dinner, as I hadn’t eaten yet. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the idea. But I didn’t like to argue or make a fuss so off we went. We arrived at Ed’s Diner, again at Lisburn Omniplex (we are so classy, I know!) at around 630pm and explained that I was in labour and was there any chance we could kind of be rushed through. They were very obliging.

I’m not sure what happened next, but things decided to just accelerate!!!! We had got that contractions app and Ben was timing my contractions – they had gone from every 10-15mins to every 3-4. Ben had to order for me as I couldn’t speak! I am sure that waitress wondered what on earth was wrong with me!! 650pm I said to Ben we’d better go!!! Ed’s packaged up our dinner, as Ben wanted to reheat it later (!!)  I still have the receipt – it says we paid at 7.08pm. We rang the hospital on route to tell them I was coming back. They got the birthing pool ready for me. I got into the birthing pool at 7.30pm.  The midwives weren’t quite expecting things to move so quickly. I remember Mary going out to get my notes and “write up a few things,” me asking the other auxillary nurse, “Can I push?” and her saying, “Well, if you feel you need to, you can give it a wee try” and then her shouting, “MAAAARRRRRYYYYYYYY we have a baby!!!!!” Our darling little Leah Karen was born at 7.37pm, weighing 8lbs 7oz.

It's a girl!! 023

It's a girl!! 020

It's a girl!! 021

It's a girl!! 039

It's a girl!! 069

Bless her, she was a little stunned at her speedy arrival into the world – she burst out in 1 almighty push – I remember bringing her up into my arms and kissing her little nose. Ben just about got a picture taken as he hadn’t had much time to find the camera! We were all a bit stunned truth be told. Mary was rubbing Leah’s wee back to get some colour circulating, Ben was click, click, clicking, and I was cuddle, cuddle, cuddling. Mary said, “Well, what did you get this time?” ……..yip, I’d forgotten to look again!!

“It’s a girl!!!!” I cried and promptly burst into tears! A little sister for Jonah and Seth to love and protect.  I was so surprised, I was so convinced that God was going to make me a Momma of a little 5 a side football team!

Jonah and Seth came in to meet their little sis the next morning. They were completely smitten from day 1.

They looked at her tiny wee fingers, her tiny wee lips, her soft cheeks. “She’s just like a dolly Mummy.”


It's a girl!! 065

From that very moment you were born little Leah, you have been my BFF! I really hope and pray that you will always be my BFF. That first night in hospital you never left my side and you haven’t really left it since. We cuddled and snuggled that whole night, just you and me. I was totally exhausted, your ‘big’ brother Seth had been up teething the night before, but I didn’t care. We were awake all night as all you wanted was held. And that was ok. This world is a scary place to be sometimes and we all need cuddled. I’ll always be here for you Leah. I’ll stay up all night and cuddle you anytime you want. Because I’m your mummy, your BFF and you’re my precious daughter. (my handbag loving, jewellery wearing, shoe obsessed, giggling little daughter!!)






6 thoughts on “A birth story #3

  1. My heart just melted! Again, what a great story! And, I’m with you, they all say “You’ll know”, but no, you don’t always. My water had broken and I never realized it. The pains in my back were contractions, but I didn’t know that (Because they all tell you that you don’t really get contractions in your back). Needless to say, by the time I got to the hospital, they were rushing to put me on meds because I’d been in labor for 24 hours already…


  2. Haha, when a woman’s gotta push, a woman’s gotta push!! It’s such an overwhelming feeling, isn’t it?!
    I love that you have the receipt from dinner (I’m sure my husband would’ve waited for the food too! 🙄 ) And, I remember being a bit unnerved about being 3/4cm (with baby #3) and walking around, just taking care of daily life too! Weird to know you are REALLY almost there. 😀


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