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Welcome to Bovis Village!

Today J asked for me to recreate a play activity that we had done over a year ago. I didn’t think it had been that big of a deal, but it seemed to have made an impression on him and he wanted it done again, so we did. It has been a fab day! The… Continue reading Welcome to Bovis Village!


A little pampering!

Today has been one of those days! My mobile has been playing up, for some reason it keeps saying I have ‘low internal memory space’, it won’t send or receive messages or take pictures when I want it to, or connect to the internet! Our electric has been off for the majority of the day… Continue reading A little pampering!

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4 hits and 1 miss!

Hope you all have had a lovely Easter – the weather here has really been fab! It really helps when the sun is out, don’t ya think? There’s so much I could write about this evening I’m not sure where to begin, or what to tell, or what to leave out. Facebook followers will know we… Continue reading 4 hits and 1 miss!

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Trains, pants, pancakes and some tears!

Saturday was “Date Day” for S and I. In January 2013 we started a ‘Date Jar’ in this house. Where once a month the hubster and myself try to spend some quality time, on our own with each of the kids. It might be something as simple as going for an ice cream after dinner or… Continue reading Trains, pants, pancakes and some tears!

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He’s got this.

Evening all.  Hard to believe it’s Friday again – this week has just flown by. So glad that both the hubster and little J are off now for Easter. I love them both being at home and having nowhere to be at a certain time! Hooray to 2 weeks of a change in routine! Although I… Continue reading He’s got this.

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No kids allowed!

So, after a LOT of hmmmm-ing and haaa-ing (you know what I mean!!) and a LOT of persuasion from the hubster, we went away for a little night on our own!!!!! I eventually plucked up the courage to swap my changing bag for a handbag. And I have to admit we had a really, really lovely time. I… Continue reading No kids allowed!

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Can someone please send me some Galaxy and coffee?

So, I think I’ve decided that my late 20’s / early 30’s has been my toughest time yet. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not all annoyed at being in the “30’s club” or anything like that. I’m not feeling old or even that I’m getting old, I still kinda feel 19 in a strange… Continue reading Can someone please send me some Galaxy and coffee?