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No kids allowed!

1977040_10150389903519957_426651841449916258_nSo, after a LOT of hmmmm-ing and haaa-ing (you know what I mean!!) and a LOT of persuasion from the hubster, we went away for a little night on our own!!!!! I eventually plucked up the courage to swap my changing bag for a handbag. And I have to admit we had a really, really lovely time. I came home feeling refreshed, reconnected with my husband and feeling much more ‘ready’ to be the best mum that I could be to my kids. Granted we were only gone from Friday evening until Saturday lunch time, but it was enough. It achieved its purpose and more! I’d highly recommend it!

Here’s some little snaps from our time away. (I apologise for the quality – I really need to buy a decent camera!) The Slieve Donard is a special place for us – we got engaged at a nearby beach and then had dinner there and we also had our wedding reception here, so it is always a treat to return!


This is what I wore :

For dinner on Friday night!


Can you tell how excited I am to be there?!

On Saturday :


 Had to swap out the heels for some trainers when we headed to the beach!


We headed TO THE SPA!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!


Did I have you worried for a sec there?? I wouldn’t do that to you – show you a pic of me in a bikini!!!

This is what we ate :



Yes we ordered Room Service for breakfast – A MAZE ING!!!!!!!!!! Yoghurt / fruit / pastries / cheeses / cold meats / Guiness wheaten bread  AND we each had a Full Irish!!!!


You can’t go to Newcastle and not get a Mauds!

There we have it, some little snaps from our jolly jaunt kid free! A HUGE thanks to Mum and Dad for coming to our house for, in J and S words – “THE BEST SLEEPOVER EVER”!!!!! The kids loved it and it has to be said, we loved it too!!!!



8 thoughts on “No kids allowed!

  1. Your so lucky looks like you had a great time, last time my hubby and I had a night away over night together was 5 years ago, we have been away with friends or work since but not together, hard to get 3 kids looked after. Maybe soon, you need hubby and wife time away from kids, although if we do get a night out for a meal all we do is talk about the kiddies 🙂


    1. It’s so true – we talked a LOT about J, S and L when we were away!!!
      It’s so hard to get 3 kids looked after, never mind an overnight! I can’t imagine we’ll be doing it again soon, but it was lovely to get to do it, even once 🙂


  2. Yay!! Looks so fab pet. Love your outfits, and have a tiny (*huge) craving for steak, chips and a Maud’s ice cream now. THANKS! 😉 So glad you had a great time xx


  3. That sounds so wonderful! My husband and I have never had a getaway without the kids. We’ve talked about it a lot but never do it. One day 😉 After this post, I am encouraged. both of my kids would have a great time I am sure with their Nana.


    1. I was so, so apprehensive about leaving our little trio, but they really did have a great time with Granny and Granda – in fact just today the eldest was asking when the next sleepover was again!!!! You should def try to get away – I bet you’d love it!


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