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He’s got this.

Evening all.  Hard to believe it’s Friday again – this week has just flown by. So glad that both the hubster and little J are off now for Easter. I love them both being at home and having nowhere to be at a certain time! Hooray to 2 weeks of a change in routine! Although I am hoping to potty train Mr. S over the hols, so it might not be the little jolly holly that I’m imagining!

Anyhow, just wanted to share with you 3 little things that have happened this week. 3 little things that were kinda big things to me. 3 things that really were God’s way of telling me, “I’ve got this”.

So, the first ‘little thing’ :

As you know, we got away on our own last weekend to the Slieve Donard. If you somehow missed that (?!) and fancy a little nosey you can do so here. Now, since last Summer really, I had been really praying for a little holiday of some sort for us. Maybe a little break somewhere for the 5 of us, the dream was to get a little break for the 2 of us, although I really didn’t think that that would ever happen. But truth be told, there was just no money in the budget to allow either. So I had kinda just shelved those notions and accepted that for now, it wasn’t going to happen. But, it turns out. God knew differently. He had it sorted. And when, I least expected it, the opportunity to go to the Slieve Donard came along, with a VERY small price tag. Not only did God give us the dream of a little holiday / break, He gave us that break to a place which is very special to both B and I. God is amazing. He gave us more than we could have asked for or imagined.

The 2nd little thing:

Myself and the 3 munchkins spend a good bit of time in the car – leaving daddy to work, and then waiting outside playschool for 15 mins each morning, then going to collect daddy at the end of the day and waiting in the car until he is ready.  Then there’s the little journeys in between to tots and the library and Tesco and playdates etc… etc….sometimes I guess it could add up to 2 hours in the car on a day. So we get through a good lot of Cds – nursery rhymes / audio books. I had been wanting to get some new ones, there’s only so many times a girl can listen to “The Smartest Giant in Town”, but again the budget just wasn’t stretching to anything too exciting and I was having trouble finding what I was looking for in the shops. I had gone in specifically, 1 day last week to make a purchase but came home empty handed. Then on Sunday, completely out of the blue, a lady handed me a bag in church. What was in the bag – around 20 CDs with nursery rhymes, stories, bible songs and stories!!!!!!!!! A – MAZE – ING. God is so good.

The 3rd little thing.

S is getting to the age when he really should be walking everywhere now and so I have been on the look out for a buggy. A single, pop up buggy for little L. Turns out those things are pretty dear, huh?! I had been in town on Thursday morning and had had a browse around the shops for one and had called in to some charity shops, but again had come home empty handed. Went back to collect J from playschool and was standing at the gate with the other mummies. When a lovely lady, who lives a few doors down asked me, “Would you have any use for a pink single buggy?” OH. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! That afternoon she very kindly dropped up the buggy that she was now finished with and it is a beauty! A gorgeous girly pink for Miss. L in immaculate condition. God again giving me even more than I could have imagined. He is amazing.

I have been reminded this week of God’s provision and care. Of how, He knows. He’s ‘got this’ and we have no need to worry.

4 thoughts on “He’s got this.

  1. I love this post so much! He knows what we need before we need it & has already worked out how He’s gonna provide it, I love it when He uses small gestures of kindness from others, people can be such a huge blessing without even realising, challenges me to listen more carefully & even if I think it’s nothing, maybe it’d be something that God will use as a blessing to someone else. He is so awesome, I love my Jesus so much 🙂 God is good, He is kind and He is love 🙂


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