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4 hits and 1 miss!

Hope you all have had a lovely Easter – the weather here has really been fab! It really helps when the sun is out, don’t ya think? There’s so much I could write about this evening I’m not sure where to begin, or what to tell, or what to leave out. Facebook followers will know we got away on a little surprise holiday to the most beautiful part of Ireland – the North Coast – last week for 4 days. A lovely, lovely friend gave us the use of her caravan in Portstewart and we spent 4 brilliant days up there. So good for so many reasons – change of scene, change of pace, change in routine, I came home a new woman!!!!! It had made me realise how important a holiday is for your well being. I think I’ll be starting a little piggy bank with something like, “Holiday Fund” written on it – you know one of those ones that you can’t open unless you break it?! I could write a whole post on our time away,. but I’ll not bore you with that, instead I’ll show you 2 of my favourite pictures –


10268647_10150392285214957_189919454411476462_n (2)

Over the weekend we had the obligatory Easter Egg hunt – was lovely that J, S and L all could really enjoy it this year. They were very excited! Especially little S who must have hidden his eggs at least 4 more times after the hunt was over!





And lastly then a little about our potty training!!! Quite a number of people have been in touch over the last year asking me how I went about potty training. I wasn’t so keen on writing a blog post about it as I REALLY don’t feel like I have any great wisdom to impart on the subject. But I thought that I’d just be honest and share with you how I am going about it with S. I’m going to do it in point form to keep it simple and less boring! (Hopefully!) Ok, so, here we go.


1. There IS a ‘right time’ to potty train you child – however there IS NOT a set time/age of when this should be done. Each child is DIFFERENT. You just need to find the ‘right time’ for YOUR child.

2. If you child is potty trained at 18 months or 3.5 years old IT IS NOT a sign of their intelligence / abilities or indeed your capabilities as a parent. There are many factors that determine the age at which your child will have success with potty training. DO NOT listen to people when they say, “it’s time he was potty trained” or “she’s not potty trained yet?!?!?!?!”. A child needs to be emotionally ready, physically ready, mentally ready. Again I will say, every child’s readiness is DIFFERENT.

3. Don’t be afraid to try it and then abandon it. This happened me with J. We tried it, he was definitely not ready, so abandoned it. Waited a few months, tried again and by the end of the 3rd day he was brilliant – no more mistakes. BOOM!

S had pants on for part of the day yesterday – from lunch time until bed time. And he really was not getting it – or so it seemed. We went through 5 pairs of pants and had a dry, clean potty all day.

Today we have had much greater success – 4 hits, i.e. 4 ‘floods’ in the potty and 1 miss, i.e. 1 flood in the pants. So, I am hoping that it is all beginning to click for him. He’s off to bed now all chuffed with himself and delighted that his Mickey pants are “so comfy and cosy”, (the things kids come out with!).  Let’s hope tomorrow goes as well 🙂


9 thoughts on “4 hits and 1 miss!

  1. The potty training joys! Totally agree-the right time will depend on the child…and i found plenty coffee and chocolate for mummy is also fairly essential!! :o) I loved 7 when it was time for bed and nappy and…relax!!


  2. Glad you had a good Easter, lovely photos and the hunt looks fun. We are soon to start potty training too. Agree with your comments on it! Hope the success continues . X


  3. I love a good easter egg hunt. Looks like your little ones had a blast. I love that he re-hid his eggs a few times over. So cute. Potty Training we are in full force with Buba on that front at the moment. Going great three weeks no accidents. But he refuses to poo on the potty only in his pull ups at night in the middle of the night. So frustrating. Not sure how to break this. ????


    1. Oh the joys of the poo!!!! Today we had our first poo in the potty – up until today he had been saving it up for night time!! I remember my first boy was exactly the same – waited til he had his pull ups on. It must frighten them a little or something?!


  4. Looks like you had a fabulous Easter, your kiddies look so chuffed with their buckets of eggs! Your pointers on potty training bring back memories. I had to ‘abandon’ it with one of mine too. I think we all really get our ‘knickers in a twist’ (pardon the pun) about doing it when everyone else is. I wish I’d read your advice with my middle one, it would have avoided a LOT of heartache!


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