A little pampering!

Today has been one of those days! My mobile has been playing up, for some reason it keeps saying I have ‘low internal memory space’, it won’t send or receive messages or take pictures when I want it to, or connect to the internet! Our electric has been off for the majority of the day too, which hasn’t helped with the back log of washing and ironing. First day back into routine and we have had no real glimpse of routine yet. The kiddies are in bed now and the kettle is on and chocolate waiting – so all is starting to settle!

On top of the modern technology stresses, the weather has been a little more 😦 today too. Totally gutted as I had got a gorgeous little spray tan done on Friday and wanted to show it off! Well, when you’ve got a tan, you just feel that little bit more wonderful, don’t you?! Decided to throw caution to the wind and wear a summer maxi anyway. I’m sure the village are talking, “did you see the state of yer woman….sure it’d founder ya?!” Ah well….sometimes a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.


This photo is completely hideous – but it serves a purpose!

No make up, hair wind swept – not my finest!

On Friday morning I was treated to a little bit of pampering by the lovely Laura from Cloud 9 Beauty. I think after reading my post, Can someone please send me some Galaxy and coffee, she thought I was in need of some help!! A few days after the post was published a lovely little surprise landed on my doorstep. A voucher to come for a “Relaxing Back Massage”. How thoughtful of her. I booked myself in for the last day of the holidays as a last little bit of ‘me time’ before the hubster went back to work. I also got a spray done when I was there. Needless to say I left feeling a million dollars, amazing what a massage and tan can do for a girl, right?! Amazing.

So, yes the photo above is not my best, but it shows the tan in natural light – not a streak in sight nor any ‘you’ve been tangoed’ – 2 of my biggest fears when getting a fake tan!

The back massage was just what the doctor ordered. So relaxing, a few knots got untangled, and for around 30mins I was chilled to the max! I’d highly recommend it to all you busy mums out there! If any of you are local be sure to check out Cloud 9 on Facebook. I had a great experience…..





AMAZING – twinkling stars to help you relax as you lie on a heated massage table!!!

Off now to finish sorting out the kids toys. I’ve talked before about our Toy Rotation system and that’s what I’m in the middle of doing – packing away some of the baby toys, organised them into tubs of “Thinking Toys”, “Moving Toys” and “Imaginative toys”…..of the joys. You can see our “Thinking Toys” for this week on my Facebook page! I know to some people it can sound totally crazy, a little OCD and perhaps even a little, “get a life”, but it’s things like this that keep this mamma sane!!!!

5 thoughts on “A little pampering!

  1. Oh the tan turned out beautifully!! 🙂 All looks very relaxing – so glad you got some lovely ‘me’ time xx


  2. You can’t beat a bit of pampering, it looks lovely. I love the starry sky, that does look so relaxing. We Mum’s don’t get to treat ourselves very often so when we do it is a real real treat isn’t it? x


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