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Welcome to Bovis Village!

Today J asked for me to recreate a play activity that we had done over a year ago. I didn’t think it had been that big of a deal, but it seemed to have made an impression on him and he wanted it done again, so we did. It has been a fab day! The sun has been shining, the kids have played together so, so well and I have really LOVED watching and listening and playing along too. I think the sun has some sort of special power for making everyone and everything feel better 🙂

We created “Bovis Village” in our own little plot …… I drew out rounds and roundabouts for their bikes and cars, and we improvised with what we could to create shops and businesses. Let your imagination help you out here!

This was our sports store – some items had been purchased by the time I got my camera!




This little area was the ‘Car Wash’.



This area is the mechanics/garage – the water table acting as the jack to raise the trike!


Here we have Dobbies Garden Centre with some trees for sale! Don’t tell Daddy his precious little trees were being carried around in the back of a ride on tractor! 10175013_10150395476499957_5599084250389678438_n

This was the builders yard – if you were building a house, you were welcome to come and collect your sand and other supplies!


Up this end we had Tesco – full of all supplies from our recycling bin and a tin of beans which somehow managed to get opened and dispersed around the whole garden!


You can also see our main road drawn out, leading to all local amenities!

It literally took minutes to set up, (as you can tell!) but they had a ball – ALL. DAY.  So much fun pretending to be mummy / daddy / a mechanic / a builder / a shop assistant etc…..etc……..

Not only did they have fun, but I also got a chance to drink several FULL, HOT cups of coffee, read some of my book….dare I say it, it was quite a relaxed, chilled out day for me – win, win situation 😉

On a completely different note altogether, I got some blood results back today which might explain my overwhelming tiredness of late. My iron count, (is that even the right term?!) is low – it’s meant to sit at around 12 – mine is 7. Soooooo, if any of you have any great smoothie recipes involving spinach, or any iron rich recipes for dinner please send them my way! I’m not really liking the idea of taking 3 iron tablets a day!!!!!! I’m serious by the way, any tips for getting my iron levels up and keeping them up would be much appreciate xx

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Bovis Village!

  1. This is fantastic!! I can see how much amusement was had by all :o) If you can handle it, raw celery is meant to be good and plenty red meat is another one I’ve heard of! Hope you feel better soon x


  2. Karen, you never cease to amaze me pet. What a brilliant, brilliant idea! They look like they’re having a ball! Yikes re the bloods 😦 I’d be a bit on the anaemic side too, but try to manage it with my diet. Red meat, kale, brocolli. Steak with a side of green veg for you then!! Lovely post chicky xx


  3. What a fun idea!! How creative you are! Check out my recent posts…not trying to do the shameless plug but I have posted every green smoothie I have tried during my 30 day smoothie challenge and most are awesome!


  4. What a lovely idea, and utterly fab that it kept the kids entertained all day! I was recommended Spatone for iron and I’m pleased to say it didn’t ‘clog me up’. I make a really yummy green smoothie by whizzing up banana (frozen ones are best), spinach, cashews, flaxseed and coconut water. Best of luck with getting that iron count up 🙂


  5. Karen you are so funny! I love your blogs. What lucky children you have to have such a great mum like you! Cant believe your hb is low low, really you would need an iron infusion for that level. My friend in works was 7 and thats what she had a few weeks ago. It can be done in a few hours and would be the best quick fix for you as you need your energy to run after your little ones!! It will take a long time to get it back up to normal I would have thought with diet and tablets never mind the added side-effects of 3 iron tablets a day!! Hope you have some laxatives at hand!!! lol. Gx


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