Mummy knows best.

Tonight I’m feeling – emotional, relieved, drained, frustrated, blessed, happy, nervous, anxious….you see I’ve been worrying about my little S since he was about 9 months old, and yet, it was only today at 36 months I got some answers. When S was 9 months old he took a really bad chest infection which then… Continue reading Mummy knows best.

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Somedays I wish I was a man!

Do you ever just wish that you weren’t a woman??! Like honestly, the way women are made up – over thinking things, stressing about minor things, getting offended, getting hurt at the silliest of things, worry, worry, worrying. Stressing about what weight they are, what colour their hair is / skin is. Why did that… Continue reading Somedays I wish I was a man!

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Bike rides, picnics, play parks and lots of love!

Evening all! It’s been an absolutely gorgeous day here – I hope that it has been where you are too 🙂 In fact, shock horror, it has actually been a fabulous weekend of lots of sun. And we have made the most of it. Truth be told, I hadn’t made any definite plans for what… Continue reading Bike rides, picnics, play parks and lots of love!


He’s the one.

Hi there! It’s been a while since I have blogged …. number of reasons really – too tired in the evenings, too busy, too lazy, too busy wondering does anyone really read them?! Anyhow, things seem to be settling a little around here so I hope to get my blogging mojo back! With Father’s Day… Continue reading He’s the one.