He’s the one.

Hi there! It’s been a while since I have blogged …. number of reasons really – too tired in the evenings, too busy, too lazy, too busy wondering does anyone really read them?! Anyhow, things seem to be settling a little around here so I hope to get my blogging mojo back!

With Father’s Day this weekend I thought I’d dedicate this wee post to the Daddy of Making Memories in The Chaos. We love you lots daddybear.

He’s the one who :

brings home Friday treats

ALWAYS has time to play with the kids, he rarely says, “in a wee minute”, “later”, “not now”

loves to play tickles and hugs and wrestling on the floor

can sit for hours pretending to be sick / drink tea / push ride ons / build with lego / play with Transformers

does the best ‘voices’ for bedtime stories

carries the picnic bag every time

teaches us that the things of this world are not important – that material things are insignificant

reassures mummy that the newborn will not combust if the room temp is 23’c / the toddlers will not die if they haven’t had their 5 portions of fruit&veg for ONE day / that the really tall climbing frame at the park is safe for the 4 year old!

can find the energy to do silly voices and tell jokes first thing in the morning

empties our bins every day and remembers to put the wheelie bins out every week

is always patient

baths the kids every night

lets me have some ‘me’ time anytime I need it

goes to work every day without complaining

stays up late to do his marking / write reports / prepare lesson plans and notes – or whatever they are called these days. He stays up late so that he can spend time with us before we go to bed. He comes home early too sometimes, because he knows we are more important

gets rid of all the spiders and insects, carefully taking them outside

gets up in the middle of the night to find the lost Mickey or do the toilet run!

keeps me calm and listens when I’m having an irrational meltdown! rarely happens?!?)

shows my kids and me daily that he loves us by the thing that he does and the things that he says – and that is the thing that I love the most.

Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely Daddy’s out there -sometimes they get a rough deal (and I know that some deserve it), but I know there are some great Dad’s out there and I know we certainly would be lost without ours.




It's a girl!! 041



Family Friday

20 thoughts on “He’s the one.

  1. Beautiful words and perfect timing. I sometimes! rant and rave at my hubby but I hope he knows we would be lost without him. (On a different note, good to see you back blogging, have missed you :-))


  2. Aww Karen, This is so sweet! We all love your blogs so keep them coming. You have certainly made me think how much I should appreciate my hubby. I’m sure Ben really appreciates you too! Gx


  3. Aww, this is lovely poppet! What a brilliant idea to make a list. It definitely helps to focus on all the amazing things that the men in our lives do, doesn’t it? Bless Daddy Making Memories – he sounds like a superstar πŸ™‚ xxx


  4. Wow, he does sound pretty amazing. Not that I am complaining, I wouldn’t swap the man in our house, but it would be nice if he did just half the things on that list! Though if I had three kids the ages of yours I would insist! Lol. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend x


  5. awww lovely post about what sounds like a very lovely daddy πŸ™‚ There really are some good ones out there aren’t there? xx #familyfriday


  6. This is a great post! You really are lucky to have such a helpful daddy in the house. Not that mine isn’t but he does whinge when I tell him the bins are his job! #FamilyFriday


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